Agile: A person is punctual and disciplined .He

 Agile: The word agile originates from Latin
where its meaning is quick agree to do something. Well these days it is
specially used as technical term in IT and business filed. Now agile word is
considered as flexible, active and adaptable.

Agile person: agile person is always ready to improve his efficiency and more will power
to learn something new and always prepared for new changes and adapt this
modification in his work and fully aware from his working environment. Every
time he said to new challenges rather than saying no to anything.

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Here some qualities that makes an agile person:

Active: A person is always
active and able to handle any situation. He is physically and mentally active
in work place and has all knowledge about his work colleagues equipment and
workplace environment conditions.

Positive Attitude: optimistic person is considered an agile person .who has
self confident and never gives up in any circumstances and also motivates
others to thing positive and remains calm in unfavorable conditions.

Punctual: A person is punctual and disciplined .He knows the value
of time as time is most powerful weapon and do everything on time .he know how
to make proper schedule to complete any task.

Innovative and creative: a person has ability to think clearly and introducing new
methods to improve the efficiency of work and able to think through different

Ready to take challenges:  A person is
considered as an agile if he is ever ready to take new challenges and has
confident to deal with any risky situation and quickly find solution of any interruption.

Reflect on experience and get feedback. A
major aspect of being learning agile is to continually seek feedback and
process it. A leader who seeks feedback and takes it in will have more insight
into their own shortcomings and blind spots.

agile person follow the rules and stay on their commitments to accomplish any
task and also willing to adapt new techniques.

Ability of willingness: He has ability to accept failure and do not put blame on
others of his mistakes and prepare for his self to again stand up and
accomplish the task without repeating same mistakes like that he did in
previous plan.

Agile person has ability and listen the instruction of team leader and ready to
work under team conditions and if he have any doubt then he politely ask to his
member without creating any scene and issue.

These days
every company or an organization either small or large wants to be hire agile
person .Because everyone want to see their company in top and that why no one
want to compromise with quality and productivity .Therefore to remain in
competitive era and make more profit everyone preferred to work with an agile
person and agile leader . Everyone has main agenda is to satisfied customer
requirements and accomplish any product or software within time and as soon as
earlier. Customer’s satisfactions mean earn more profit and stay in competitive
era .that why the main preference is given to agile person who has ability to
take challenges and complete these things in time. Experience makes person to
be leader.

Here are some
characteristic of good agile leader.




and friendly and cooperative with team


Face to face interaction

Continuous attention on plane and  technical excellence

Highly visible ,open and honest

Focus on incremental development

Able to accomplish task within time and
quality and