Alexa direct Alexa in a way that feels

Alexa for Business: Is it For You?


If you’re a business owner
or if you’re an employee that primarily works in an office, you know what it’s
like to be plagued with tasks and environments that kill productivity.

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A printer breaks, the
speaker in the conference room doesn’t work, or the boss that asks for a set of
facts that you don’t have on hand. All of these things can distract employees
from their tasks.


With the technological
advances that we have today, there is no reason why employees should have to
suffer through many of the tedious tasks that eat up their day. Alexa by Amazon
is a smart assistant that can help employees get through their day without
having to schedule their own appointments or search for information.


Alexa can help people by
letting people use their voice to direct Alexa in a way that feels natural to
them. Alexa can now allow meeting attendees to control the equipment in meeting
rooms just using their voices, provide directions to a conference room, put in
a ticket for broken printers or even place orders for new office supplies.


Check out what Alexa for
business can do for you and your business.


Alexa Increases Productivity


Alexa can allow workers to
move seamlessly through their day by keeping track of your to-do list, manage
your schedule and help you set reminders. Alexa can also go ahead and
automatically dial into conference calls for you when it’s time. Forgot to
collect facts for the meeting? No problem! Alexa can quickly pull up the latest
set of data from your business for you. All you have to do is ask it to do so.


Alexa Makes Meetings Easy


No longer do you have to
struggle with the equipment in the meeting room. Alexa simplifies the process
by letting meeting participants control the conference room equipment using
their voice. If you’re using Alexa-enabled equipment, you can tell Alexa to
start the meeting with a simple voice command.


Alexa Can Help Do Small Tasks Around the Office


Don’t get caught up in
putting out small fires in the office. With Alexa for business, you can create
your own custom Alexa Skills which can include Alexa handling common tasks such
as finding an available meeting room, ordering new office supplies, reporting
building problems or even putting in IT tickets for broken equipment. Alexa for
business can even assist with on-the-job training.


Alexa for Business Makes It Easy to Roll Out in your


Alexa is easy to implement
in your organization. It has tools that allow you to make your devices,
Alexa-enabled as well as help you easily enroll users and assign skills. In
addition to this, you can also add custom voice skills. Employees can have
their private personal Alexa devices and public areas can have a public Alexa
device that anyone can access.


One of the best things about
Alexa for business is that you can create custom skills for your organization.

Alexa for Business provides an additional set of APIs to allow users to
customize their Alexa skills.