Alexander 3rd, 1847 in then he died on

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-American scientist and inventor.

Alexander was born in Edinburgh, Scotland then moved to America in the year of 1872. He was born on March 3rd, 1847 in then he died on August 2nd in 1922. Alexander was born in Edinburgh, Scotland then moved to America in the year of 1872. Alexander was only eleven when he attended high school, but then his family moved once again, therefore he left school at fifteen without graduating. Alexander Graham Bell was married to Mabel Gardiner Hubbard, and they had four children.

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He had Two sons and two daughters, their names were Robert, Edward, Marian Hubbard, and Elise. Alexander Graham Bell lived an interesting life and invented new things for the world to advance in many areas today.  Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone and also had the original phone company. Along with the two major inventions, he has some lesser known inventions such as the photophone, hydrofoil, and a metal detector. Bell was in a Somerset College room when he was experimenting with a telegraphic wire. That day in 1874 the idea of the telephone was molding in his head.

The first telephone was originated on March 7th, 1876, in Chicago, then three days later on the 10th, the first telephone call was made. Alexander Graham Bell original telephone store is why today we have AT&T. AT&T was formerly known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, then the American Telephone and Telegraph company was split into six different small telephone companies and one of them took the name AT&T.

The reason that AT&T is AT&T is that it is the abbreviation of American Telephone and Telegraph company. Nowadays AT&T is one of the leading telephone companies nationally. Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone and AT company has changed the world in many ways.Alexander Graham Bell had a huge impact and influence on the society of our world today. The invention of the telephone has changed the way businesses and homes are today, also the telephone has been furthered and helped influence new technologies. Also, the telephone has changed the way that people keep up with each other.

Bell has made working and communicating easier  Working is much easier because now workers (secretaries, personal accidents, CEOs etc.) can easily talk to clients without having to set a time to meet and talk about business. Also, the telephone has furthered so much in the 2000s, there have been hundreds of more phones and technologies invented since Bell invented the original telephone. Thanks to Bell many people have gained success and money from working for telephone companies.

There are also downsides to the telephone, at home families do not talk and bond as much as they did before in person. Another upside is how much people’s social relationships have changed since the telephone. This is an upside because now people are able to keep in contact with people who live across the globe or country such as family. Also, our lives would be very different because we wouldn’t be able to call or text parents and family members when apart. Alexander Graham Bell has influenced and changed the way we have lived in the for about hundred-thirty years.

 Alexander Graham Bell lived a life full of interesting things. Alexander was not born has Alexander Graham Bell, his parents didn’t give him the middle name Graham until he was eleven. Also, Bell’s wife and mother were both deaf and that encouraged him to work with deaf people, he ended up educating them with speech. Lastly, Alexander Graham Bell’s first words on the telephone were, ” Mr.

Watson, come here. I want to see you.”. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and changed the world while doing it.