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All about Matt DibenedettoBy: Cruise LaBrieNASCAR is one of the biggest sports in America. 40 drivers in one race turning 400 laps making left turns at 200 miles per hour. After the race, some of the biggest drivers, like Jimmie Johnson, take interview after interview for the media and sponsors. Then there are the drivers who race for underfunded teams and their only fans are there family members. Matt DiBenedetto is one of them. He would really like to become of the big stars one day. Lots of people think he can’t, but once they here his back story, they will think he can.Matt’s Family And Life Before/After RacingMatt comes from a large family. He has three siblings who are all older than him. Their names are Katie Kimbrel, Kelly Hackney, and Austin Dibenedetto. His Dad’s name is Tony Dibenedetto and his Mom’s name is Sandy Dibenedetto. Matt was born in Nevada City, California on July 27, 1991. When Matt was 12, he moved to North Carolina to get a better racing experience. Why is that? Well North Carolina is where the heart of racing is.  Matt is 26 years old and has a wife. Her name is Taylor Dibenedetto.Fun Fact!                      Some people ( including me ) call Matt Dibenedetto, Matt Diburrito. Matt’s Racing CareerMatt’s racing career has been going on for a long time. He started his racing career by racing go-karts at the age of 5. He won a lot of races in go karts. When Matt raced late models, which is another type of race car series,  he became the youngest driver to win at Bristol Motor Speedway. He also won a lot of races in late models. He has also raced in the K and N pro series. The K and N Pro Series is a NASCAR racing series that will prepare you at a young age for potentially racing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.  As well as the Xfinity series. The Xfinity Series is the level of NASCAR racing that comes before the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.Matt’s MENCS ( Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series) Racing CareerMatt now races in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. He started racing in the cup series in 2015. He raced for Brad Keselowski Racing as a part time driver driving the numbers 83 and 93. Now he is racing for Go Fas Racing full time in the number 32 car. He has been racing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for four years with crew chief Gene Nead.