Although, However, despite all the similarities and overlap



in my opinion Lenin and Stalin just so happen to be two of the most distinguished
and influential leaders to be a part of the Soviet Union. Stalin ruled for
almost three decades and became the successor of Lenin. While both leaders held
several of the same goals and objectives in common they both were leaders of
the communist party who wanted a communist revolution all over the world. They
were both known to be ruthless rulers. However, despite all the similarities
and overlap in ideas and beliefs, there were differences between the two
communist leaders that held Stalin at the top of the totem pole in my eyes.
became the leader who took Lenin’s achievements to another level. Stalin achieved
so much during his reign with the help of Stalin’s obstacles and downfalls,
that it is almost impossible whether Lenin could have achieved the same.

found a balance between knowing when to get along with the people and knowing
when to draw the line. Lenin could be considered much less of an authoritarian
than Stalin. Lenin didn’t believe too much in the thought of a death penalty,
but supported the idea that the death penalty was only right in very certain
circumstances. While Stalin found himself to be very authoritarian, with no
conscience and dealt with problems swiftly and where it was needed.

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huge reason for my choosing of Joseph Stalin was the mere fact that Lenin was
the head of Soviet government from 1917 to his death in 1924, while Stalin
worked under him as a top administrator in the Bolshevik party. Therefore,
while under Lenin, Stalin had the ability to sit back and watch the rule of his
peer and adjust to the things he did and did not agree with. While this may not
specifically make you a better leader, it most definitely in my opinion allow
you to see things from a different aspect that most of the time guide you into
making better choices when history repeats itself as it does and you find
yourself in the same situations. Advantages that Stalin took from observing his
once leader Lenin was to portray himself to the people as an ordinary person.



big impact that Stalin had on his country in my eyes was the complete
industrialization of Russia. Before Russia was in the hands of Stalin, was said
to be one of the worst industrialized countries in the world until 1937, after
less than a decade of his rule as a totalitarian dictator, he had extremely
impacted Russia’s industrial output to the point where Russia was the second
leader in the world behind the United States of America. While this achievement
may not seem that big of a deal, under Stalin’s leadership, he became an
extreme reason for the defeat of Hitler.

one of the most simple arguments, I believe Stalin used aggression, violence,
and force in any way, form, or shape if it meant it would help him maintain his
rule over Russia. Stalin held such a high belief in himself that he didn’t need
any outside acceptance from anyone. Stalin even went as far as completely
eliminating anybody who seemed to be a threat to his power.

Stalin’s rise to power, just like his childhood he was forced to overcome
several obstacles. For example, in 1904, Stalin married his first wife Ekaterina
Svanidze who died only three years later. Together they left a son by the name
of Jacob who eventually attempted to commit suicide for an unidentified reason.
Stalin continued to call his son a “weakling” because of this. While, to many
people they would see Stalin as brutal and unloving for the name calling after
a severe situation, I believe that during this time the act of any harmful
doings to one’s self was looked at as weak and taking an easy way out of your
troubles. Therefore, if I am trying to see through the lenses of Stalin, he was
so used to overcoming all the bad things that have happened to him, that trying
to kill yourself instead of finding the heart and desire to overcome the
situation made him weak in Stalin’s view and I agree.

up Lenin and Stalin had very separate and unique childhoods. While Lenin was
blessed with a more luxurious childhood and parents that went above and beyond
for him, Stalin experienced a very harsh poverty-stricken life. While Stalin
experienced neglection from a drunk father as a child it pushed him to be the
best man possible, in other words, he refused to let his situation sculpt the
man he eventually became.

to me is more than the achievements you conquer when everything is going your
way. Overall success comes from times of failure and overcoming tragedies when
life isn’t going your way. Joseph Stalin in my opinion was a more successful
communist leader not only because of his political achievements but the life he
overcame throughout his childhood and upcoming.