Amendment of the government can both remain balanced.Amendment

Amendment II is one of twenty-six amendments listed in the United States Constitution. ( This amendment, which is the topic this paper is centered on, has shown repeated appearances in both jurisdictional court cases. Of the twenty-six amendments in the constitution, Amendment II is one of the most crucial articles in constitution as it reserves the right for civilians to defend themselves, their property, or any other civilians.The second Amendment allows any legal citizen to bare arms.( As stated in the constitution, This amendment is important because it not only does it grants military personnel the right to bare arms for the  reason to help maintain the security of a  free state, but also for the right for which citizens can defend themselves and keep peace. There however are some limitations. Weapons such as sawed-off shotguns and serrated combat-knives and banned in many states. Many states also require several background checks along with expensive fees to own a firearm. Also, the buyer must not have any felony conviction in their records. ( All states are to follow federal regulations, and so the supreme court can rule out any laws a state imposes. If any gun law passed contradicts supreme court rulings, then the supreme court can appeal against it. This genuine law system helps regulate laws in a constitutional and fair way. Because of this, the rights of citizens and the stability of the government can both remain balanced.Amendment II enforces many laws that lay perseverance upon the rights of citizens regarding to the possession of their arms. It is argued that the second amendment states that civilians must have the right to bare arms. However, a common misconception is that firearms are completely legal. This is wrong as an armed person can both prevent and commit murder. Having armed citizens can be a good and bad depending on their intentions and intellectualism. Nonetheless though, the right to own a firearm is very important because it provides protection, prevents a tyranny, and liberates the freedom of the general population. As commonly argued Possessing a firearm can potentially deter crime, gradually making the the public a safe place. ( This amendment gives citizens the right of option for defense, and so they can protect their freedom themselves. The right of option for self defense is an imperative issue as law enforcements are not always on seen when a crime is committed, and so the harmful impact is already done. Citizens who bear arms can also help protect other citizens, and so crime can rapidly decrease. Secondly, firearms can keep a balance in society, something which the Founding Father of America longed for. Having armed citizens can prevent a tyrant from taking rule.Yet the arms the citizens own cannot be too effective, and so the government has went through extreme measures to impose laws that regulate this. The last thing any citizen would want is a powerful tyrant that dictates in a cruel and unforgiving manner. Thirdly, as stated in constitution, the government cannot infringe the right to bear arms. The United States Governmental System was not meant for a tyranny to take rule, so it is important that this right be protected, solong this country is in a unified and balanced shape. The gun control laws can also prevent criminals from getting access to lethal weapons, making the streets safer.  Many laws in the United States make things safer, such as speed limits or seatbelts. Gun control laws should be enacted to make accidental shootings occur much less often. ( For example, adding safeties that block the barrel would prevent bullets from firing. Another example is adding an indicator that flashes when a the gun is loaded and ready to fire. This could alert the gun owner so that he may not trigger on accident. There are also some evident reasons to argue that Amendment II prevents criminals from oppressing and committing crimes against civilians. Just like how the constitution states that the right of bearing of arms must not be infringed, it also states that firearms are necessary to maintain the security of a free state. In order to maintain security, there must be peace, and firearms can very well render the peace in a country. Firearms could be used against the sold on the black market, used against the general population or government, or be misused and end up hurting the wrong person. A study has found that guns are rarely used in self defense. There were less than one percent of civilians who actually drew out a firearm during a dangerous situation with a period of four years. Having said this, many criminals steal firearms during burglaries, armed robberies, and car-theft. They then sell these weapons on the black market, were other criminals and even terrorist organizations can get access to them. It is estimated that over 250,000 illegal guns are in circulation in the United States, ranging from modded-full automatic assault rifles to small, portable, yet deadly handguns ( Many criminals who get access to these lethal weapons can commit mass murders or directly target the government. Terrorist attacks can be carried, killing hundreds or sometimes even thousands. Thirdly, armed citizens can accidently kill another citizen when a dangerous situation unfolds. When danger strikes, the person with a firearm is most likely to panic the most, and so they will pull the trigger on anyone to save their own life. Similarly, the police sometimes accidently kill innocent citizens who otherwise were being calm and were abiding by the law.Recently, many tragic shootings have happened. On October 21 of this year, a man armed with illegal modified guns, such as the AR-15, FN-15, and DDM-4, shot and killed 58 people