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The purpose of this lunar lab was to observe the moon over a period of one week during the semester at the same time every day to see how the moon changes in Illumination and position. Each day for six days straight I stood out In my front lawn at the same spot every time and looked at the moon to check Its Illumination and direction with a compass. I also used my fist to see how far the moon was positioned above the horizon.The shape of the moon over the week I observed It changed quite a bit.

The first night I observed the moon the shape the moon was a waxing gibbous. Then as I observed the moon for the next couple nights the moons Illumination kept Increasing, which made the moon appear as If It was getting bigger. Half way through the observation the moon shape changed from a waxing gibbous to a full moon.

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The last two nights after a full moon the moons shaped changed from a full moon Into a waning gibbous.As I observed this change the moons Illumination begin to decrease, which made the moon appear as if it was getting smaller. So, through out my observation of the moon for six days the moons shaped changed from a waxing gibbous to a full moon and then too waning gibbous. The position of the moon during the time I observed it with respect to the horizon and compass direction changed quite a bit as well.

From the first night I observed the position of the moon it was 4 fists about the horizon.As the moon changed from a waxing gibbous to a full moon the position increased to 5 fists above the horizon. Then as the moon changed from a full moon to a waning gibbous the moons position began to decrease from 5 fists above the horizon to 4 fists, 3 fists, and on my last observation it was at 2 fists above the horizon. Also, the change in the moon position changed with respect to mommas direction changed from on my first observation it was in the South direction to at my last observation being in the East direction.So, through out the whole observation the moon went from being in the South direction moving to the South East direction and ending in the East direction. The reason why these changes occurred over the course of my observation is because as the moon moves through the sky, both its appearance and the time at which it rises and sets change with the cycle of lunar phases.

The phase of the moon on any given day depends on Its position relative to the sun as it orbits Earth.