American fur company

It seems obvious that Astor was skilled In all what Is related to negotiations, We can feel that he was greedy, but he is also a Business man, Ethically It Is not acceptable to be greedy, Astor was doing what any Business man should do to make money and earn profit. What is sure Is the fact that he knew well how to make profit out of his knowledge and skills, and that whatever the ways that he used, Ethical or not, he was successful. . In terms of economics, Profits were gallants and that Is due to the fact that the furs were not heavy and It was easy for traders to transport them, the cost of remonstration was inexpensive, which lead to the prosperity of the fur trade through shipments to eastern ports and also to Europe.Astor was also smart regarding dealing with the government: they had nothing on him and that is due to the fact that he used Alcohol, which is a good that traders always accept, He was buying the fur with significant quantities, which give him the opportunity to get fur for lower prices. In nature, it stated that mountain life was destroyed by man because they constantly trampled to find more fur. Legally, it worked out for Astor because the fur trade was beloved to Washington and Jefferson.

As it states, the government failed to regulate the trade. 3.On balance, I believe that the legacy of the American Fur Company is negative, and that is because of the greed of Astor, it certainly led to a higher competition between firms which is a positive thing, but still, the legacy of the American Fur Company led to a significant decreasing of animals population, it is true that the American Fur Company was able to make good money, but the cost of it was more important: losing the source of the product, which wasn’t a good idea in the long term not only for society and nature, but also for the company Itself.

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