American History Essay

“The sad truth is that most immorality is done by people who ne’er make up their heads to be good or evil” was a wise stage one time uttered by Hannah Arendt. I love this quotation mark because is absolutely describes the two male childs from “American History X. ” Danny and Derek. These two male childs have seen and done it all when it comes to detest groups. as both were members of a neo-nazi hatred group. Neo- Nazi hatred groups use autocratic.

whipping boy. normative. and development theories to warrant their hatred. favoritism. and anguish of anyone who isn’t a portion of the “supreme race.

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” or white. Boy Danny and Derek end up in this life from an early age. Parents are one of the biggest.

if non the biggest influence on a child’s life. When Danny and Derek were both comparatively immature they looked up to their male parent. idea of him as the “ideal” adult male. However their male parent was a racialist. act uponing about every thought the male childs had. At household dinner when speaking about about a black school teacher their male parent said. “It’s nigga Irish bull.

” and warned Derek non to purchase into the equality instructions.Because Danny and Derek both looked up to their pas so much. this would be and illustration of the development theory.

Exploitation theory is when one societal group. in this instance whites. usage ill will to maintain their place and power integral. This truly come into drama after Danny and Derek’s male parent was murdered and Derek believes it was a race related killing.

Right after their male parent died. Derek joined a neo-nazi hatred group known as the DOC ( Disciples of Christ ) . Bing utmost trusters in the white domination motion. the DOC acted out with force and extreme hatred toward any other race. particularly inkinesss.

Derek. being a high ranking member. murdered 2 black work forces for the cause. He served three old ages for the slayings. which impacted his whole household enormously.At the beginning of Derek’s sentence he did non desire any visitants. claiming it would be to hard to see his household.

He made friends with other neo-nazi members in prison. but shortly started recognizing that they were non serious about the cause like he was. He besides started going friends with his black work spouse who said. “I ain’t the nigga in here. you are” Derek started recognizing that white domination what fundamentally merely a whipping boy. Meaning that the followings of the motion were merely seeking to happen person to fault for their jobs. which in this instance happened to be the inkinesss.

After befriending his black work mate he realized that inkinesss are human excessively.Once he could acknowledge inkinesss as homo he eventually felt guilt for killing to people. non niggas. people. Derek was determined to assist his brother and household by acquiring them out of the packs and hatred. One of the biggest influences on Derek while in gaol was his principal from high school. He was a black adult male with experience in covering with “troubled young person.

” He gave Derek the push he needed by stating. “Has anything you’ve done made your life better? ” . Later Derek told Danny. “It’s merely because I was pissed off” . I think this was Derek’s manner of reacting to his principal.

he truly didn’t believe in the cause it was more of merely an mercantile establishment for his choler that his male parent would hold approved of. While Derek is locked up.