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American singer/songwriter, Bruce Springsteen once said, quote ” I have spent my life judging the distance between American reality and the American Dream” end quote. The American dream is a ideology that any American can live there best life and achieve whatever they may want. This is possible for anyone, no matter who one is, where one comes from, how much money one has, or how rough ones life is. The American dream is the chance to have an equal opportunity to achieve one’s life’s desires through hardwork and determination. With this ideology hope is provided causing people to believe that there dream is going to come true. In some cases it does but in others it doesn’t. Sometimes no matter how hard one works and how much one tries there will never be an outcome. For many the American Dream is just a dream because sometimes no matter hard one works one will never achieve, but for others that dream comes true with determination and commitment for achieving it, whatever it may be.  For some their dream does come and for Jennifer Lopez through hard work and determination it did. Jennifer Lopez, also known as J-Lo, famous actor, singer and dancer was quote ” 18…forced to sleep on a sofa at her dance studio after fighting with her mother… over her career choices” end quote. Lopez was a young struggling dancer trying to make her way to the top; Meanwhile her mother wanted her to go to college so, her mother kicked her out. Although Lopez was living in her dance studio that didn’t stop her, she worked hard and quote “a few months later, she landed a job dancing in Europe and when she got back, she booked ‘In Living Color'” end quote an American comedy series. The writer tells the reader that she was booked a  quote “few months later” end quote to show how hard she worked while she was sleeping in the studio and how quickly that made her successful. Through perseverance and commitment Lopez achieved her dream and later became a world renowned triple threat, valued at 360 million dollars. This proves that the American Dream is still  alive and if one wants it bad enough it is very much achievable. Although the American dream does come true for some, sometimes the dream goes both ways, sometimes one achieves their dream but then it slips through one’s fingers in a blink of an eye. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerld, Jay Gatsby was a young man who grew up without a lot of money.  He was in love with a girl named Daisy but couldn’t be with her because he wasn’t wealthy. Gatsby commited his life’s work to become a millionaire. Over those years he lost touch with Daisy but he found out where she was living. He then quote “bought a house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” end quote. The author tells us that Gatsby bought a house just across the bay to show how he worked to be close to Daisy. After a series of several events, Daisy and Gatsby end up reuniting and falling back in love. Gatsby finally got his dream to come true. But, after another series of events Gatsby ended up being wrongfully shot and killed. Therefore Gatsby’s dream didn’t last. The novel is a example on how the American dream can go both ways. Sometimes one works hard enough to reach there dream but as soon as it is achieved it gets taken away causing oneself to never really achieve it.For some no matter how hard one works and how committed one is one’s dream will never come true. In the article ” Is the American Dream Still Possible” by David Wallechinsky,  Richard Oden interviewed that he quote ” worked in the beer industry for 23 years” end quote. During this time he acquired pneumonia that demanded him to have surgery. He was unable to return to work by a certain amount of time and quote ” …his company terminated him at age 54-even though he had a perfect attendance record and no performance problems” end quote.  The author tells the reader that he quote “had a perfect attendance record and no performance problems” end quote  to show how there was no reason to fire Oden but they did anyway.  For Oden, his American dream did  not come true, after this major disappointment he was no longer able to support his wife and five children. This goes to show that sometimes no matter how hard one works and no matter what one does there will never be an outcome. Through hard work and determination, ones American dream can come true but also for others, the dream is just a dream because sometimes no matter what one does there will never be an outcome.