American Wildlife

General Raptor Reproduction

  • Monogamous-1 mate/season or life
  • Altricial young
  • Both sexes care for young

General Goose Reproduction

  • Monogamous-long-term pair bond
  • Precocial Young
  • Scrape nest with feathers+leaves

General Goose habitat
Tundra when breeding, then marshes, grain fields, pond, bay 
General Goose Diet
Aquatic vegetation, grass shoots, invertebrates, seeds/grass
General Swan Reproduction

  • Platform nests of vegetation
  • monogamous w/ long-term pair bonds
  • precocial young

General Swan diet
aquatic vegetation, grass, insects, invertebrates
General Swan Habitat
Lakes, ponds, rivers, bays, breed in tundra
Dabbling Duck Diet
Aquatic vegetation, grain, insects, invertebrates
Dabbling Duck habitat
Lake, pond, marsh, sometimes salt bays, shallow water
Dabbling Duck Reproduction

  • monogamous–>new mate each year
  • males leave after incubation
  • Precocial
  • Nest scrape w/ vegetation/feathers

Diving Duck General Diet
Aquatic plants, invertebrates
Diving Duck General Habitat
Marshes, ponds, lakes, bays, estuaries, prairie potholes
Diving Duck Reproduction
General Grouse Diet
Buds, berries, seeds, insects
General grouse reproduction
Precocial young, scrape nest, males display
General Quail habitat
Brushy areas
General Quail Diet
Seeds, fruit
General Quail reproduction
Monogamous, precocial, nest in scrape w/vegetation
Quail Habitats

  1. Mountain Quail
  2. Scaled Quail
  3. California Quail
  4. Gambel’s Quail
  5. Northern Bobwhite
  6. Montezuma Quail

  1. Montane forest openings
  2. Arid grasslands
  3. Woodland, chaporral
  4. Desert
  5. Farm, woodland edges
  6. Oak woodlands

General dove/pigeon diet
Seeds, waste grain, fruit, insects
General dove/pigeon reproduction
altricialmonogamousplatform nests in treesCrop milk for youngDove=2 eggsPigeon=1 egg