An a product, service or idea. But if

An international business job can be anywhere, such as China, America, Canada, India, and Australia.

For example, a Marketing person, his job is to develop marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. But if he wants to sell his product, service or idea to another country to let more people buy it, it must fit in their culture. A good example will be Coca-Cola, I remember when I was in middle school, Coca-Cola had an advertisement about using the lids of a bottle to make a phone call to work’s family. Because the workers they’re only get paid three dollars a day and a phone call costs about one dollar. So, Coca-Cola donates bunch of telephone box to that area which use one lid as a coin to make a phone call. Because of that advertisement, Coca-Cola became popular in that area. Just like everyone else, a marketing executive’s working hours are nine in the morning to five afternoons, Monday to Friday.

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However, they might need to work some extra hours if there are some big events going on or working on some big projects. Although Marketing is an office based job, there will be a lot of traveling involve such as meetings with the international clients and experience the different culture, so they could expand their market over there. And, they usually work in large town or cities than rural areas because of there is more opportunities exist. As a marketing executive, it will need to face a lot of responsibilities, such as advertising for the products, run a social media channels for the company, find the source of a sponsor, develop customer relationships and etcetera.

Because you are an executive, it requires leadership, you will need to develop and implement marketing strategy, oversee the effects of what is it going to bring to the company. Also, the work of a Marketing executive is usually very challenging such as work on a different project at the same time and work with other people as a group is very important.