An Analysis of My Family

?Family is one of the most basic foundational institutes in the world.

Looking a lot closer, society and communities are just a group of different families. Family is not just a blood relation with someone else but It is also a system of life the society plays. My family has played a major role in the person I have become today.

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Most of my core beliefs, the perception of the world around me, and perception of myself rooted from the connections and experiences I have developed from my family. With regards to my family, there were only a handful of family members that had the most impact on me. These people were as followed: Yasmeen, my sister; John and Jamil., my brothers; Dreema, my mom; Thomas Franklin, my dad; Ruby; my sister; Ethel; my grandma; and Ba Ma, my great grandmother.

I lived with these family members at different times in my life but they have all played a significant role in my life. My mother has consistently been the head of the power structure, because she was in charge of the rules and roles most of my development years. For instance, there were certain roles that my brothers and sisters was given to each other. The girls were to do a lot of the cooking in the house.

My brothers were to do any of lifting jobs like taking out of trash. Since my mother was a single mother, with no father in house, my mom had to play both roles of mom and dad. She was the caretaker and the provider. She was the authoritarian and the love giver in the family. To this day, I learned that even though there are unwritten rules that’s given to genders in families, there are time where you may have to play a lot of roles to get the job done. When I was a child, I viewed family as a sacred circle that you was born into that could not be broken from the people on the outside.

However, today I realize that a family is really a circle of people that you grow into. For instance, I thought that I was close to my family because we were just “family..