An Android-Based Campus Navigator of Tarlac State

New students or visitors of Tarmac State university (TTS) are having a hard time coking for a room or facilities, since these are dispersed in the three Campuses, the Main Campus, Lucid Campus and San Sister Campus.

Each campus has different colleges and every college has buildings which has many floors and rooms that makes a student more confused to find their destination. In searching for such rooms in a University, wasting of energy and time Is expected.Being unfamiliar In the campus, a student or visitor might ask questions about where their destination is, and sometimes they are shy to ask which causes them to be late or absent to their activities.

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Tarmac State University has vicinity map board located at the entrance of the campus, but this thing is not enough to provide sufficient information about the map of TTS. Using this vicinity map board, a lot of time consumed and sometimes some Information are not sufficient to guide people to their supposed destination.The researchers Intend to develop the proposed application using Android platform, because it is free and increasingly being used by many people. The researchers intend to use the Rapid Application Development (RAID) methodology to develop the reposed system. The purpose of this project is to provide an Android – based vicinity map of Tarmac State University for students and visitors. This proposed project entitled “Campuses – an E-Tour android application” Intends to lessen the time and effort of students and visitors In finding and determining the location of different places In the university.Each building has basic information and labels for users to easily determine where they want to go.

To start the tour in the application, the user will choose a starting point and end point and the interactive map of TTS presented in AD will tour and lead the user to their destination. After the tour, the application will go back to top view to show the path the user traversed. The users can also explore the campus, they Just need to select a starting point which is the main gates of the campuses of Tarmac State University and they can freely explore the vicinity of the University.It also includes the other information such as the history, missions and visions of the colleges and the University. To access the application, high-end android devices is to be used, because it uses AD graphical presentation, low-end android devices may cause the application to work improperly. New buildings/facilities that are not yet finished are not included in the application.