An flows around the outside part of the

An airplane is at high potential of getting hit by a lightning especially when it passes an area
of high charge accumulation. When lightning strikes the plane it leaves small burn marks or
holes. Airplanes allow lightning to flow along the skin without doing great damage. The
aircraft will still continue functioning -not like the car- safely after hit by a lightning which
the passenger can guarantee. However, it does have an effect. Upon landing the airplanes is
required for a lightning strike inspection.
An airplane acts like a Faraday’s cage. When a lightning strikes an airplane It rearranges the
electrons in the conducting material to have an induced charges which will cancel the
exterior electric field (lightning). Some airplanes are composed of composite metals.
However this material is also a good conductor which has relatively the same conducting
properties like metals.
b. When a car is hit by lightning it would be likely caused damage depending on the car’s
composition. For a car and the person inside it, be safe; it should be mainly composed of
metal; the car windows should be closed when lightning strikes; and the person inside
should not touch any window glass, metal parts, wiring and electrical devices attached to
the car. When the car and the person violates any of the conditions it may blow out the tire,
starts a fire, damage electrical wiring and it could also be fatal for the person inside.
The metal car acts like the Faraday cage. When lightning strikes the current flows around
the outside part of the car into the ground below. Such that faradays cage work when
electrons in the material is displaced (caused by an exterior electric field) on one side so
that one side of the cage becomes negatively charged, where the other side becomes
positive. The inside of the conductor is safe since the external electric field is canceled due
to induced polarization.