An important event

An important event in my life My twenty-one birthday is the most important event in my life and there are some reasons to explain why it is so special. The first reason is that my family would give me a memorable day. At beginning, my mom would prepare a lot of delicious food which is my favorite. For me, she is a professional chef in my mind.

Every time I would eat all of food which my mom cook. Moreover, my dad would accompany me all day. We do many things together on that day.Especially, I like to play video games, play basketball and talk with him.

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For me, that day is the best gift which my dad gives it to me. Furthermore, my sister is interesting in making cake, she would make a cake by herself for me in that day. Therefore, these are the most perfect birthday gift in the world. The second reason is that I will get a lot of blessing from my friends and my family. When my birthday is coming, my friend will give a wonderful birthday party to me. At that party, they like to make a Joke to me, and I need do many ridiculous things to make funny.Also, we play many games until the next day. For me, I really like chatting and go everywhere with my friends.

The last reason Is that this Is a commemoration day which I born In this world. Every year I would write a letter to myself and I would write done many things that I need to Improve. Besides, before the end of my birthday, I would tell my parents that I love them and thanks for them taking good care of me.

In conclusion, In my life, birthday Is the worth event. I not only get good gifts but also get many blessing. So, I’m looking forward to my birthday In every year.