An Incredible Experience

“Life never gives anyone a second chance”. Everyone after high school tries to gamble with there lives and make it a memory of a there lifetime with his/her friends. Like any other teenager, I thought of doing something like that too, something that is even crazier and even more adventurous. My friends decided to go on a road-trip to the incredible Rajasthan.

I wasn’t sure if it was a good plan but I anyways went ahead to execute the plan. I asked my parents if I can go on this trip and as I expected it to be. It was a big “No!” I knew that if I go and nothing goes wrong they won’t be angry at me, so I took the keys of the car and went to pick my friends for the adventure of a lifetime. One by one I picked all of my friends from there places and it was already 3 in the night when our trip was about to start, but that feeling had its own glory, loud music, mocking each other and a long journey with friends nothing looked better that time it was a perfect time. But none of us knew where to start from. We took the road that leads us to the highway.

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The moment we were on the highway one of my friend started the GPS. We drove to our first destination Jaipur; it was a historical place with mouth-watering authentic Rajasthani food. We even got to see a new culture and being a part of it was amazing we all had a great time that day, but too tiring to go somewhere else so we thought to sleep for sometime in the car and start again for our next destination which was jodhpur. It was around 300 miles from Jaipur with a lot of heavy traffic on its way.

“Bro, get up its 2 am already we should start”. “It doesn’t sound to me like a plan I don’t think its safe”. “Bro we need to reach their early tomorrow”.

“Ok, lets go.”“I think state highway will be better than national highway.”“Whatever, lets just start for now” Loud music turned on and we were back on the track to our next destination, we refueled our tank …