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Anarticle titled “The Study of PublicAdministration” written by Woodrow Wilson in 1887 was reviewed.  Wilson believed politicians were amateurs electedinto office who developed policies. They answered thequestion “Who shall make law and what shall it be?” Public administrators wereappointed professionals who executed those policies, who addressed the question”How should the law be administered?”AfterWilson witnessed how representatives were managing the government, he wanted totransform the institution into a stronger more effective administration, anddemolish corruption. His philosophy was politicians and administrators in ademocratic society were mutually exclusive that operated within the samebureaucratic system. He thought the groups (politicians and public administrators)should be separated so administrators would not be tainted by politicians.

In fact,in his article, he stressed “Administration lies outside the proper sphere ofpolitics. Administrative questions are not political questions. Althoughpolitics set the tasks for administration, it should not be suffered tomanipulate its offices.”Thus, hetried established processes to identify the differences between groups, andcreate boundaries for public administration. He wanted a science of administrationfor the following four reasons: “(1) straighten the paths of government; (2)make its business businesslike; (3) strengthen its organization; and (4) crownits dutifulness.”  Although, accomplishingthis became difficult. He wanted to maintain the independency of politicians andpublics administrators; therefore, he came up with the study of administration tocreate better public administrators.

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 Thisbecame known as the politics-administration dichotomy.  In his article, he stressed “Administrationlies outside the proper sphere of politics. Administrative questions are notpolitical questions. Although politics set the tasks for administration, itshould not be suffered to manipulate its offices.

“Thereare still several advantages to having the politics and administration dichotomy.This country was constructed by people from a vast number of nations.  Citizens express an assortment of opinions,experiences and cultures. In a society that is constantly changing, it is onlythrough our differences society can achieve a progressive community.

Given that,administrators are civic servants, they are able to compel politicians toestablish and change in policies that align with public will.  Administrator takes the publics “voice” to thepoliticians as it is only through the turmoil between the groups (politicianand administrators) that an economy can truly transcend.Moreover, dichotomyassists in the way the government is managed. It influences the direction ofthe society and strengthens the role of administrator. It is only throughseparation that politicians are held accountable. Hence, an imaginary trust isdeveloped between the public and the government, and fictional transparency betweenpoliticians and administrators.

Also, citizens can ascertain the effects theyhave on the politicians through the policies they enact and the services they provide.A challenge that makesimplementing dichotomy difficult is the numerous amounts of police shootings thatinvolve unarmed Black people. Each morning, when I wake up, I listen to thenews.

  As soon as I hear the broadcaster mentionsomeone has been shot or killed by a police officer, the first thing that I sayis “Please don’t be Black.” Usually, after these shootings, activists come outin support of the victim and against the misconduct of the officer. We all haveseen the news how these officers come out in their riot gear against protesters.  At times, it difficult to support the police,because you also want to advocate for the victim and the protestors.       The article was interesting, I wastorn trying to choose sides.  Although after much consideration, I amstill undecided, Woodrow Wilson was somewhat correct in philosophy.  I state this because, depending on the party inoffice, the goals and objectives of the country changes. These standards may notalign with the will of the public.

 Thus,public administrators will always be the voice of the public, and politiciansshould be held accountable.  However, I feel,with society constantly evolving, you cannot have politician’s independent of publicadministrators, as the two will eventually overlap.