An Unforgettable Day

My life is full of unforgettable and frightening experiences, but the most unforgettable day was on November 25 of last year. I experienced the hardest and most terrifyingmoment of my short life. I had to go through corrective mandible surgery. I can still remember the day when I sat down with my orthodontist and she explain to me that I required to go meet with a dental surgeon because I needed my upper jaw to align with my lower jaw. At first I was shocked since I had never experience any type of surgery and had never stepped foot in a hospital. Soon the day to meet the surgeon came, I was anxious to hear what he had to say about the surgery and its recovery process. The surgeon, Doctor Vernon Burke explained that the recovery process wasbased on a crucial pure liquid diet. Because of the conditions of not being able to move my mandible for approximately two months, I had to “eat” through a syringe pure liquids for almost a month.

After that the day was set, November 25 was going to be the day I was going to set foot in a hospital and get operated for the first time ever. Days went by quicker than I expected and before I knew it, the time came to go to Del Sol Medical Center. The night before the big day my mom, dad, brother and girlfriend we all went to eat Chinese food at Lin’s Buffet and had a good family time since it was going to be my last meal in two months I almost ate half of the Buffet.

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The morning of surgery, I had to take a shower with a special body wash and while taking a shower it finally hit me that the day was actually here. Surprisingly, I was not nervous at all. On the drive to the hospital I was remembering all the good moments I had spend with my family and friends. Finally we arrived to the hospital and headed to the elevator so I could sign in. It took a while so they could call me in, when they did the nurse gave me a gown and a pair of bright purple socks. My parents tried to be strong but you could te.