Annegret disturbing, often explores themes related to the

Soltau is a German visual artist. Her work marks a fundamental reference point
in the art of the 1970s and 1980s.  She
is considered to be an important figure in the feminist art as her work centers
on the integration of body processes in her work, in order to connect body and
spirit and treat them as equal components. One of her hallmark styles is to
tear an image to shreds often self-portrait only to stitch together the bits
and pieces of different images to create an entirely new image that is full of
new meanings with stories woven in the seams, the results being a mutilation or
mutilation of the original. Her imagery, which is both provocative and
disturbing, often explores themes related to the self, metamorphosis and the
female body. When asked about it she said “As an artist, I don’t live in a
vacuum, rather I perceive in a seismographic way what happens in our society.

Above all, I am interested in the image of women. What happens to women these
days, how do they present themselves? Which compulsions (and liberties) exist
for women today?” For her, the outcome of the process is more important than
the destruction process.  The finished
piece brings to light an entirely different piece that brings out new meanings
with its entirely different story to tell. To Soltau, expressing the truth in
her work and showing herself and her imperfections to the world is the reason
why she does her craft. But again her work is considered to be offensive by
many, to the point where her artworks are censored or pulled from exhibitions. Art
can be essentially defined as the physical expression of an idea which can be
beautiful or ugly etc. Many of the most powerful works of art can be sometimes
considered not beautiful like the work of Francis Bacon or even the work of
Annegret Soltau. They are however held in high regard because of their ability
to convey a sense of their most inner thoughts. So it can be said that the main
purpose of art is not to be beautiful but to have a purpose which can be
translated into a canvas.

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b) Soltau’s artworks is deemed to be controversial
even to this day, many of her artworks are censored or pulled from exhibitions.

But it is still considered to be one of pioneering work in feminist art. She
was not afraid to go against the norm perspective
and use the human body as art which can some may consider a taboo at that time.

This just proves that overtime the meaning
of art and beauty changes. In the olden days’ art meant craft, which
basically meant it