Annotated Bibliography Essay

Juleen K.

Buser. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development 37. 2 ( April 2009 ) : 94-104 This article is a great article that relates to African Americans seeking mental wellness intervention at lower rates than Whites. The article states that this disparity can be attributed to attitudes toward services. alternate header. and differences in attention.

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This article besides illuminates prejudices in reding. Snowden. Lonnie R. Barriers to Effective Mental Health Services for African Americans.

Vol. 3. Issue 4. 181-187 ( Dec. 2001 ) . Social Services and Welfare.

Psychology This article states that many African Americans do non seek proper mental wellness attention. It states that the 1s that do by and large drop out. The article attempts to specify the causes and the effects that would assist relieve this job. McField. Edward. Culture. socialization.

and societal capital: Latinos and usage of mental wellness services. Loma Linda University. 2010. 3405317 This article states that Latinos suffer from the same mental upsets as others. but when they do. they receive less than standard attention.

The article gives the consequences of surveies that province that province that there is an association between socialization. theoretical accounts of unwellness. stigma. demand. and mental wellness service usage. Organista. Kurt C. New Model for Latinos in Need of Social Work Services.

Social Work. 54. 4. ( Oct 2009 ) . 297-305 This article is fantastic in that it gives some of the best matter-of-fact theoretical accounts and constructs in the cultural competency literature. This article states ways in which to heighten cultural sensitiveness. every bit good as increasing consciousness of the Latino experience and apprehension of job forms in their historical.

societal. and cultural contexts. Borup.

J. ( 1999. May/June ) . Foundations of societal work pattern with sapphic and homosexual. Families in Society.

80. 3. 308-309.Describes a foundation for assisting homosexual and tribades for the human services worker. When assisting or working with a individual who is homosexual or sapphic it is of import to hold cognition of professional literature. experiences from professional equals.

history. and the existent instance information. It is besides of import to retrieve the household history. for this characterizes and confronts any myths associated with this peculiar life style. The deficiency of societal support and homophobia can make effects to those who are non accepting of this community.

The writer is educating pupils about the cognition and facts on working with the sapphic. homosexual. bisexual. and transgender community and the most of import is the codification of moralss for societal workers. Cavet. J.

( 2000. Oct ) .Children and immature people with a concealed disablement: and scrutiny of the societal work function. British Journal of Social Work. 30. 5. 619. The recent survey described that kids and immature people with concealed and impairment received a societal work service which was at a minimum degree.

It is recognized that the degree of societal services intercession available to these households may be a contemplation of a low precedence assigned to disenable kids. A alteration in precedences is needed which recognizes the importance of knowing support to disenable kids as a agency of bettering their environment and cut downing households emphasis degrees and the likeliness of maltreatment or rejection.Copeland. C. A. ( 2011.

January/February ) . School bibliothecs of the twenty-first century utilizing resources and assistive engineerings to back up students’ differences and abilities. Knowledge Quest. 39. 3. 64-69.This article describes the many ways bibliothecs can assist otherwise abled kids realize they are particular. And by bibliothecs holding all the resources ( informational and proficient ) they can foster assist these otherwise abled kids understand how genuinely particularly able they are.

It opens their eyes to their ain gifts and abilities and this helps the bibliothecs these abilities to develop the information literacy accomplishments and multi-literacies necessary for womb-to-tomb acquisition. The National Center for Education Statistics shows that about one in seven pupils have one or more features society defines as a disablement. Technologies can be selected and so they can outdo run into the demands of the pupils who are otherwise abled.Donahue.

P. ( 2005. July-September ) .

Current position and future waies for societal work pattern and research. Families in Society. 86. 3. 359-366. This article describes the aging homosexual and sapphic community. Past research of this community focused more on the cheery White adult male.

knowing. active in the homosexual community and high socioeconomic backgrounds. This survey examines current functions of societal work sing research with older homosexual work forces and tribades and nowadayss recommendations for both pattern and research in the old ages in front. Not merely is this community of sexism. they are besides victims of agism. Future work must endeavor to be more representative of older tribades. geographic diverseness.

and categories because these variables play an of import function in determining the homosexual aging experience.Bell-Tolliver. L. . Burgess. R. .

& A ; Brock. L. J. ( 2009 ) .

African American healers working with African American households: An geographic expedition of the strengths perspective in intervention. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. 35 ( 3 ) . 293-307.

Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/220979644? accountid=35812 When working with African Americans and Native Americans human service workers must see of import factors.

When making a survey researches found 5 strengths that African Americans showed. They have strong affinity bonds. strong work orientation. adaptability of household functions. strong achievement orientation. and strong spiritual orientation.African American family” is defined as … an intimate association of individuals of African descent who are related to one another by a assortment of agencies. including blood.

matrimony. formal acceptance. informal acceptance. or by appropriation ; sustained by a history of common abode in America ; and deeply embedded in a web of societal constructions both internal to and external to itself ( Bell. 2009 ) . Waites.

C. ( 2009 ) . Constructing on strengths: Intergenerational pattern with African American households. Social Work. 54 ( 3 ) .

278-87. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/215269004? accountid=35812 These households are diverse groups of people with their ain thoughts. sentiments. and values. African American households have strengths. and that the usage of those strengths within the curative scene can take to successful results.

We besides believe that understanding the strengths of African American households can assist mental wellness professionals develop successful intervention results for households. It is critical that professionals gain an apprehension of how these strengths impact the operation of the African American household to authorise households who are fighting. When assisting this group we should concentrate on their strengths and non their failings ( Waites. 2009 ) . Michael. T.

G. . & A ; Eugene. F.

P. ( 2000 ) . Red as an apple: Native American socialization and reding with or without reserve. Journal of Counseling and Development: JCD. 78 ( 1 ) . 3-13.

Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/219014436? accountid=35812 The United States Bureau of Indian Affairs ( 1988 ) lawfully defines Native American as a individual who is an enrolled or registered member of a folk or whose blood quantum is one 4th or more genealogically derived from Native American lineage.When working with Native Americans one must retrieve that they are really spiritual and hold traditional values and beliefs. They pattern merely traditional tribal imposts and methods of worship.

However some Native Americans may be more willing in the patterns of other civilizations. That is why the counsellor must non do premises without garnering farther information ( F. P. 2000 ) . Kathleen. A. E. ( 2000 ) .

Reding with Native American Indians and Alaska Natives. Families in Society. 81 ( 5 ) . 543-543. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/230163172? accountid=35812 Culturally based interventions may be needed. This group can be offended really easy and the counsellor must be careful non to overbear ( A.

E. 2000 ) . Latino-Kuglin. M.

( 2009 ) .Latino outreach. Children & A ; Libraries. 7 ( 3 ) . 42-46. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search.

proquest. com/docview/212161869? accountid=35812 “It’s a manner to observe Latino heritage. literacy. and households coming together at the library.

” said Watts. She said Dia jubilations at HCL have two ends. The first is to “celebrate the heritage of the community that we see already. We’ve got libraries that have big Spanish- speech production populations that actively use the library. so this is a manner to observe and admit the community that is already at that place.

“‘No-show’ : Therapist Racial/ethnic Disparities in Client Unilateral hypertext transfer protocol: //psycnet. apa. org. N.

P.In the present survey. the writers examined the beginning of racial/ethnic minority disparities in one-sided expiration signifier of dropout that is associated with hapless confederation and result.

First. the writers must be tested whether some healers were more likely to hold clients who reported one-sidedly ending as compared with other healers. Next.

the writers examined 2 viing hypotheses sing the healers function in expiration disparities: ( a ) that racial/ethnic disparities in one-sided expiration are similar across healers and therefore due to other constituents of the intervention procedure or ( B ) that racial/ethnic disparities in one-sided expiration are specific to healers. where some healers are more likely. on norm. to hold higher rates of one-sided expiration with REM clients as compared with white clients.