Fancy Dress Costumes caters for the higher-end market where customers are hilling the costumes for more traditional fancy dress parties, balls or events. Having 20 years of experience as working backstage as a Seamstress in the theatre and movie Industries Michelle also offers a unique service, based on Michelle extensive skills, she customizes and alters costumes for a better and look. Although Michelle has used the Internet for many years for both business and pleasure, Michelle has no experience of using It for marketing purposes.

Since Michelle has no experience of using the internet for marketing purposes, this report wows how Michelle could benefit from opening an online website using the internet in reaching out to the masses by online marketing objectives such as Brand development, Revenue generation and customer service and support and also market her business by using the various types of online advertising and promotions offline market sales for Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes.

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Introduction Michelle runs a costume rental store, which rents out a wide range of costumes featuring all the popular themes. Her outlet, which is called Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes, is situated in the Centre point shopping centre on Orchard road in Singapore. Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes also provide for the higher end market where the customers are hiring for more traditional fancy dress parties, balls or events.

Michelle who had worked backstage as a seamstress in the theatre and movie industries has an experience of over 20 years. Purpose of this report Michelle professional experience has given her an insight into many aspects of business. Even though Michelle has used the Internet for both business and pleasure, Michelle has no experience of using it for marketing purposes.

Since having no experience of using it for its marketing purposes, this report will help examine the equines, help provide Michelle with online marketing knowledge by using various types of online strategies and objectives and creating a wealth of opportunities that Michelle business could take advantage of through the online media. Target Audience Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes stocks a wide range of costumes for rent featuring all of the popular themes such as movie and TV characters, music, sport, super heroes, villains, fantasies, Sic-if and it also provides for more traditional and fancy dress parties, balls or events.

Michelle outlet along with many other popular ranked stores, being situated in the heart of the city, which is on Orchard Road in Singapore, attracts all sorts of customers. However Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes targets the higher end market audience who like to dress fancy and gaudy for parties or events and customers would expect their dresses to be one of a kind as they are paying more for the high-end designs.

Macro environment Analysis Technological Analysis In today’s world, technology has been a major advantage for all businesses; in fact it wouldn’t be surprising to see in the near future that there are companies that exist only inside computer networks. Many of the transactions would be made electronically straight from the producer to the consumer. There is immense growth for a business through the Internet as it helps to higher the level of sales and increase the numbers of customers.

Considering this and the high percentage of internet users all over the place, Michelle should grasp this opportunity and open up a website for her company which would benefit her business as she could market and sell her products online and also make it easier for the customers who at times wouldn’t be able to make it to Micelles outlet because of their busy schedule, they ant to. Social Analysis Singapore, being an eastern country that still follows the traditional family values is also been modified in recent times as the younger generation has started to adapt to western culture values.

With a population of about 4. 8 million and having all sorts of mixed cutlers, Since there is a good percentage of high end crowd as they receive a good amount of wage and at the same time have the want to dress snazzy for different parties and events Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes could benefit from this and also because the business sector expects a higher purchasing power from the nonusers as many Singapore work very hard to retain their materialism desire and this has increased the nations productiveness.

SOOT Analysis Strength Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes is located in the heart of the city on Orchard road in Singapore, which is the best location, and a great advantage for Michelle as Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes caters for the higher end market and her outlet situated in such a prime location attracts customers of that kind. Being passionate about her work and having worked as a seamstress in the theatre and movies for ever 20 years, with so many years of experience is a major strength for Michelle as well as her business.

Weaknesses Every business has a weakness. Michelle has no knowledge of how to use the Internet for marketing purpose. This is a major disadvantage for Michelle as she does not have an online website for marketing and selling her products because of her lack of knowledge on Internet marketing. With the lacking of her technology skills and deciding not to open an online website which could boost up her business and gain more popularity, Michelle business faces major weaknesses.

Opportunity Michelle business has a lot of opportunities. Michelle having an experience of 20 years would know the kind of customers that would be interested in her business. If she starts an online website it would have a profitable impact on her business as the majority of the world is using the Internet for all sorts of things and growth of the business through the Internet is rapid. With this Michelle could build a good relationship with the customers and also give them loyalty.

Threats Having such popular brands beside Michelle Fancy Dress Costume store is a threat or the business as customers could be very picky at times as there are variety of outlets to choose from although the location of the outlet is excellent. Not having an online website, Michelle faces a major threat as chances of her business growing and customer taste this is also scary because customers are very unpredictable in the clothing business as to when the materialistic taste for the customers could change.

Use of the Internet in reaching out to the masses Internet is the communication medium of the future having its very own unique advantages. This would be a great advantage for Michelle business as she could pen an online website which would have all of Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes information and would benefit her business by gaining more popularity and by attracting new customers to her website, help her business grow and also promote her brand. Online Marketing Objectives Without having any objectives the hope for a company to grow Just diminishes.

Having an objective is very important in every line of business. Here we will show how Michelle by having an e-commerce website how she could use the specific online Marketing objectives for the benefit of her company. There are three types of objectives that Michelle should focus on they are Brand development, Revenue generation, Customer service or support. Brand development Building a meaningful brand is very important. This would help Michelle business as in brand development the online presence is complimented and it enhances the offline branding efforts of the organizations.

By building a brand online Michelle fancy dress costumes will boost awareness and build reputation for itself. By doing this Michelle could get many people interested in her brand. Michelle should consider online branding and make it her priority as it could help her achieve her Laos. Revenue Generation Using this objective Michelle could use a certain way to sell her products online in order to make profitable income. As the online presence increases revenue into the organization by its sales. This would help Michelle lead to direct marketing with the help of the online website of her business.

Michelle could use a revenue generation cycle strategy to identify customer need and deliver it to them for their complete satisfaction. For example identifying the company’s skills and abilities, finding out what the user need, by creating a matching product, defining the value delivered, instructing the financial transaction. Customer Service or support By having an online website Michelle could enhance the service and support that will be offered to customers and to its potential customers at a very low cost.

Michelle could use this opportunity to build customer relationship by providing them with The behavior of the customers is very unpredictable. It is very important to notice and understand it and give out the best result. Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes website should be unique and attractive as it is very important because the first look room the customers eyes on the website wound psychologically make them interested and attract them towards it.

Michelle website should have a separate column for suggestions from the customers point of view which would help her know the different kind of specifications the customers want or need if anything. Michelle focusing on the up market should update her website from time to time to keep the high end customers feeling good about the latest products in store and deliver best services to satisfy the consumers and have them behave positively. Website Development and Functions Developing a website is very important for all businesses.

Since Michelle has no experience in online marketing she could use the web organization centre to help her develop her website. Michelle unique business should have a unique website as well . It should be made in such a way that The front page of Michelle website should be able to download quickly with information about the company which are to the point and short, at the same time interesting so that the visitors visiting the website would be inspired to go deeper into the site and gain interest of her business which would then attract customers arches the necessary products.

Michelle online business presentation should have an easy to use navigation. The way the website would look and feel should be based on corporate standards as its proven that about 80 % of the people only read about 20 % of the web page. This means the Michelle web page should have few but not a lot of information about her business. Having a powerful but yet simple navigational aid on the web pages like search engines would make it easy for Michelle customers to find their way around.

To tempt the customers to Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes it could promote its Bessie by using strategies like search engine optimization, banner ads, multiple points of entry, viral marketing and affiliate marketing. Search Engine Optimization Search Engines are the most popular ways of searching for a website. If Michelle’ Fancy Dress Costumes has a proper website it could easily benefit from this as search engines help the public to find the information they are looking for on the Internet. As the main search engines carry immense database of web sites from which the users could search by typing in the keywords or even phrases.

Michelle could use his to provide all her business information and gain more popularity amongst all the other competitors. Online advertising and Promotion within her website strategy as Michelle could use the Banner advertising as a means of promoting her very own products and services and raising awareness and also by selling the advertising space on Michelle own website which could help her generate revenue. Pay-per click advertising: Michelle could use this model to make profit as this offers a certain share of profit that it could make by Jus clicking through that a website generates from its absence codes .

By buying advertising space on search engines, Michelle could benefit from it. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing would help Michelle to increase her online sales by promoting her products as well as services through network-affiliated sites on the basis of payments by results. This will give Michelle an advantage as it gives an opportunity to generate more revenue by exploiting Michelle own site content, which helps in promoting the services and products to other online merchants. By doing this the merchant use sites to be partners with them as it affiliates in exchange for commissions.

Promotion: Michelle could use this by employing methods to stimulate the sales through delayed incentives to the customer. To affect its sale the price value becomes adjusted favorably to affect a sale, if the intensive is attractive. Michelle Fancy Dress Costumes could use promotions strategies such as Bonus offerings: This would give customer benefit, as it would offer additional goods to them when purchasing as product online Feature pricing: This would give customers a benefit, as they would be offered a special price because of ordering it electronically.

This offer would also help Michelle business, as it would increase its online customers. Making Use Of Social media This form of media marketing is to gain attention through the various social media sites. For example a social site designed like twitter helps people share short messages or even update with other people and Faceable is entirely a social media site which provides people to share photos, videos, Join different kind of events and helps provide a lot of other activities.

Michelle could use the social media to make people be aware of her business as it feeds into the discovery of new content, it Would help Michelle as she could make people aware on what are the new products or offers about her business through Faceable and Twitter, this will also benefit her to keep in touch with all the customers and form a good relationship bond which would also effect on her business popularity and reputation as more people would talk about it.

Michelle should defiantly open an online website and use the strategies shown to her do develop her own website as it would be a major advantage for Michelle business. Marketing online is the most effective as the Internet offers a medium of experimentation of high level at a very low cost. By opening an online website Michelle business would increase its revenue and help grow her business. Michelle website would serve the customers any point of the day at any hour and also attract a wide range of customer from all over the world.

Michelle could use different ways such as Banner, Pay Per Click, Affiliate to advertise and market her brand all over the internet as Michelle targets the up market, the higher end customers Conclusion Since online marketing has been successful all over the world, Singapore being a ore tech saving country, E marketing is a more powerful tool, as it would help people know more about Michelle product and generate revenue.