APA Quick Formatting Guide For Papers

The word “Abstract” should be centered. The Abstract is a summary of your paper with your point Of view included. It consists of one block paragraph – no more than one page. 12- point – double – spaced and flushed left It should be one single paragraph with no indentations. At the end of the Abstract you should type the keywords. Keywords: civil rights, voting rights, African-Americans, protests Or Keywords: abortion, religion, women’s rights 2 Body of Paper Title is Centered Do not bold, underline, or italicize the title Indent the first paragraph and continue to type the body of your paper.

In his section you provide an introduction to the subject and the topics you will be discussing. Include key issues and arguments and how you will go about presenting them. You will also explain what sources of information you used. Continue to type with the left hand margin flush left. The right hand margin remains ragged. First Heading (This heading is centered and bold. ) Continue setting up your position, point of view or provide basic information, before breaking up the information into sections. Indent the paragraphs in this section.

Sub-headings When you have a sub-heading within the text, indent the first line and intone typing flush left Other Headings. Continue to type on the same line and continue typing flush left. You can include . 5 inch indented paragraphs in this same manner throughout the body of the work if you have several topics and headings. (Your in-text citations are in this section. See page 6 for examples. ) Conclusion Summarize your paper here. Reiterate the key points and provide your own opinion. Continue typing flush left 3 References (Place on Separate Page) Here are some samples retrieved from http://workingwoman’s. Erg/format/ papa/formatting-the-references-list-papa (Indent the second and bequest lines .