APES character 12 and 13

Which industry uses the most water?
Chronic malnutrition can lead to?
Stunted growth, compromised mental development, increase in infectious disease.
Which type of agriculture is most characteristic of developing countries?
traditional subsistence agriculture.
Herbicide-resistant weed populations may be a benefit to the grower but have _________ ecological impact.
List 4 ways to reduce the impact of floods.
Build leveys, build dams, preserve wetlands, strengthen and deepen streams.
What are the consequences of methane released from meat production?
Air pollution
Name the pesticide that caused the decline of bird populations and the reason for Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.
Which type of farming has the greatest impact on reducing irrigation waste water?
One in ___ people worldwide suffers from a vitamin or mineral deficiency.
About 10% of the people in the US depend on the _____ for drinking and irrigation water.
Colorado river
The majority of water used by a US citizen is used for?
flushing toilets
Name 4 of the top ten causes of death and disease related to diet.
Type 2 diabetes, cancer,heart disease, and stroke.
List 4 solutions to groundwater depletion.
Set an enforced minimum stream flows, use drought resistant crops in arid regions, increase the price of water, subsides water conservation.
What percentage of the worlds water supply is liquid freshwater?
Which is characteristics of farm raised salmon?
Contaminated with PCD and dioxants
The US is withdrawing groundwater from aquifers at a rate that is ___ times faster than it can be recharged.
List 4 means of improving water use efficiency in agriculture.
deepen tube wells, use drip irrigation, treat municipal sewage water, rainwater catchment system.
Saudi Arabia gets the majority of their water from?
Dangerous strains of disease organisms can develop from?
Antibiotics in livestock we eat.
Anemia is a deficiency in?
What is the 2nd Green Revolution based on?
Fast growing rice and wheat.
Which 3 grains provide most of the world’s calorie intake?
Wheat, Corn, Rice
Which accounts for the major portion of greenhouse gases?
Cow farts/ cattle bleaching.