Apes Terrestrial biomes

Temperate Grassland
This biome occurs where temperature differences between winter and summer become more exreme and rainfall diminishes. This also known as a steppe or prarie and is mostly converted into agricultural pasture. This biome is located throughout parts of North and South America and much of central Asia. 2 animals that reside her are the American Bison and the pronghorn antelope.

2 plants here are purple needlegrass and foxtail.

Temperate Grassland
2. This biome is located in midaltitude regions such as the eastern steppes of Ukraine to Mongolia, the praries of the Central Lowlands and The High Plains of the US and Canada, and the pampas of Argentina, Uruguay and southeastern Brazil.
Temperate Rainforest
There is heavy rainfall and contains both coniferous and deciduous trees in this biome. This region is located in Japan, the northwestern coast of America, northeastern Asia and central and western Europe.

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This biome is plauged by overharvesting. Two species of animals is bright yellow banana slug and the spotted owl. Two species of plants are the Douglas Fir and epiphytes such as mosses.

Tropical Rainforest
This type of forest is located in Central America, South America, southeast Asia, and west Africa that is characterized by year round rain, uniformly warm temperatures, dark damp interiors, and diverse communities. 2 animals living in this biome are the jaguar and a chimpanzee. 2 plants living here are bamboo and and the talipot palm.
Tropical dry forest
Tropical areas that are warm year round but where rainfall is lower overall and highly seasonal are a tropical dry forest or a tropical deciduous forest. This biome is located in India, Africa, Suuth America and northern Australia.

2 animals that reside here is the Burrowing Toad and the Black Iguana. 2 plants that are here are the Guanacaste tree and the Malinche tree.

Tropical grassland interspersed with clusters of acacias or other trees. This is found across streches of Africa, South America, Australia, India and other dry tropical regions.

Precipitation arrives during distinct rainy seasons. 2 animals located here are the African Elephant and the Koala Bear. 2 plants located here are the acacia tree and Bermuda Grass.

The biome where rainfall is very sparse. Some are dry and sandy while the Sonoran Desert of Arizona are heavily vegetated. Deserts receive less than 25 cm of precipitation per year and the organisms living there are uniquely adapted to survive such as the javelina and a coyote. 2 plants living in this biome is the creosote bush and saguaro cactus.

A tundra is nearly as dry as a desert and occurs at very high latitudes along the norhtern edges of Russia, Canada and Scandinavia. There are no trees located here and consists of scrubby vegetation. 2 animals located here are the Arctic Fox and the Polar Bear. 2 plants located here is the Bearberry and Caribou Moss.
Boreal Forest
A northern coniferous forest that streches in a broad area of Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Scandinavia.

These forests develop in cooler, drier regions than do temperate forests and they experience long, cold winters and short, cool summers. 2 animals in this biome are the moose, the wolf and the lynx. 2 plants here are the black spruce and the White Poplar.

A chaparall’s area is likened to fairly small patches widely flung around the globe that consists mostly of shrubs. This biome is highly seasonal with mild winters and warm dry summers. Located along the coasts of the Mediterrean Sea, California, Chile and southern Australia. 2 animals here are the black-tailed jackrabbit and the puma.

2 plants here are Manzanita and the Blue Oak.