April charity rides take long time in packaging

April 20, 2017.   To whomit may concern, I am delighted to write this letter to recommend RokayaAlhalawany highest recommendation for respective undergraduate program thatwill help provide Rokaya with the highest skills, and experiences.  Rokayais Enthusiastic,illuminated ambitious and curious.

She was aco-founder of our initiative as a cyclist who helps us spread food, medicines,clothes, etc. in underprivileged areas in Cairo. She has joined us in June 2016and is still participating in all our activities.The first words that came to my mind todescribe her are Determinant, Persistent, and Dreamer.Definitely; Rokaya was from the veryfirst candidates who participated with us in our initiative and I completelyremember how worried she was in her first two rides since we really cycle inextremely poor established roads and we also get into very narrow streets alongwith men staring at us wondering why would women cycle in such district but shenever gave up and she overcame her fear after the 2nd ride and became one of myfavorite candidates who I enjoy having in every event! She is always willing tooffer her assistance and help for others. Rokaya never gives up! We also do longcycling rides to train people do longer rides easily and I remember that Rokayafell off the bike twice due to the terrible roads we have but she was neverfrustrated; it is as if nothing has ever happened and she keeps on cycling. Sheis very patient; our charity rides take long time in packaging the goods andgiving them away; she would show up as the first volunteer and leaves the lastone which was very impressive for me to have a young candidate and co-founder asher with such spirit.

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Besides, Rokaya arranged many ridesunder the slogan of “discover the city by bicycle”. In addition, she led adiscussion aimed to allow every member to reveal her/ his biggest dream. Whenit was Rokaya’s turn I noticed that she only spoke about ONE big dream with allof her passion and curiosity which was “traveling to study abroad in the US”. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Rokaya,and sincerely belief she will bring the unique energy, optimism, passion, andtireless creativity to your program. She has my highest endorsement.

 If you have any questions about Rokaya or my recommendationletter, please contact me and I will gladly try to help. Please check our Facebook page as a reference for ouractivities. www.facebook.com/belbicycle  Kind regards, Nouran Salah.Founder of Cairo Cycling Geckos [email protected]+201004093963