Aquarobics Report PDHPE

As water is more resistant than air, aquarobics stimulates an efficient whole body workout. There are many benefits that come from the participation of aquarobics. These benefits include: The ease of the exercise, as body weight is supported by the water. The reduced stress on joints. The pool is a more comfortable environment for many, particularly due to the inability to notice ones sweat levels. Aquarobics allows a full range of movement without excessive strain. Increases circulation and promotes relaxation.

Reduces stress levels. Potential weight loss through caloric expenditure and increased muscle tissue. The increase of muscular strength, due to the water’s resistance. Being in the water also increases lung capacity, due to the fact that the lungs are working harder from the pressure of the water. Aquarobics will increase long-term flexibility. Lastly, being under water will increase the range of motion. The Availability of Classes and Costs At Springwood Fitness and Aquatic Centre aquarobic classes are available every day.

The center provides minimum of one class each day of the week, with exceptions for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, where two classes are available. The time slots allocated for aquarobic sessions include 8:00am, 9:30am, 6:00pm and 6:30pm. These times are particularly convenient for participants who will partake before or after work. The cost of the class varies according to the specific fitness center, although at Springwood Fitness and Aquatic Centre, the cost of the class was $10.

In addition to the entry cost, participants require the cost of swimwear and a towel. The Nature of the Class and the Difficulty or Ease As aquarobics is a popular fitness activity for all age groups, there are various levels that make it a desirable activity for any age group. These levels not only focus on intensity but on the particular needs of the participant. The levels are labeled: Power. A high intensity workout for overall fitness and muscle toning, this level is guaranteed to increase heart rate. Tone. A toning and firming class using weights and water as a resistance, this level is suitable for all fitness levels.

Deep water. This level uses buoyancy belts, resulting in no impact on the joints. Gentle. This level is designed for seniors and is beneficial for those with blood pressure, arthritis, joint problems or those who are undergoing injury rehabilitation. Seniors. This level is designed for more active seniors. Special needs. This level is designed for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s and arthritis. It is also ideal for back, hip and knee injury, as well as patients pre and post operation. Who would it Suit

Aquarobics is an excellent fitness option for people who have back or joint problems, the elderly and the overweight due to the cushioning effect of the water. The activity is designed for all levels and the program offers a variety of options that can increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise. Although it is essential that each participant can swim, aquarobics can be used for a variety of categories. Aquarobics reduces the risk of muscle and joint injury, (particularly long-term injuries), as flotation places less stress on the joints. Water aerobics is also highly suitable for people recovering from painful injuries as it allows movement and rehabilitation without too much pressure on the recovering joint. Also, aquarobics is ideal for individuals with arthritis.

Time Commitment Required Classes hold a duration that ranges anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Though, conveniently, aquarobics is not a team activity, so participants are not required to commit for a season, meaning aquarobics is an ideal fitness activity for those with busy schedules, trying to fit in exercise when that are convenient to them. Your Personal Reflections on the Class I felt particular strain on my abdominal muscles, and my quadriceps.

I was glad the following days held no pain or muscle tightness, although I feel this was from the low intensity class and with a higher intensity, I could be left with sore muscles. I felt this class was an extremely fun way of participating in physical activity. It was a social experience as well as a fitness activity. I left the class feeling motivated to return, not only to aquarobics but other classes available at Springwood Fitness and Aquatic and Center. This class gave a good experience to physical exercise and I would be motivated to commit to aquarobics for multiple sessions and experience more of the benefits.