Aquatic Environments Exam 1

the study of freshwater (lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, etc.)
flowing water
standing water
how long would it take superior to refill if emptied?
200 years
how much water do humans need per day
2Lbut most comes from food
current human population
7.3 billion people
what causes flooding of the red river?
– it flows north (the south melts faster)- conversion of wetlands to agriculture = loss of “sponge land”
who is Forel?
father of limnology – introduced the term limnology in 1890’s
who is Forbes?
lake as a microcosm, lakes as an ecosystem 1887
how are lakes formed?
glaciers, tectonic, volcanic, earthquakes, organisms (beavers/humans), wind, landslide, meteor processesscouring, blocking from sediment build up
how many lakes on earth?
304 millionbut 28 million are in smallest category
are salt lakes usually open or closed basins?
closed basins
why are lakes shrinking?
upstream water use for agriculture, drinking, etc.Aral SeaLake Urmia
the deepest lakes are formed by which process?
tectonic processesex: Lake Tanganyika, Africa