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Arbaz Riaz1415107Taimur SuriIs video gamesaffected childrenThe question is “Is video games affected children?” Now aday, First person shooter games i.e. counter strike, GTA are so much popular inchildren that’s why  according toresearch children spend too much time in playing games on monitor, XBOX,PlayStation, mobile.  Parents purchaseDVD and gave them to children as a gift.

Children mostly play violent games andparents buy them DVD without knowing that these are so much harmful for theirfuture. The children between 10 to 18 years are in their learning ages and weallow them to playing violent and sexual games. There are many games which havesexual scene and nudity in it i.e.

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GTA, Hitman, Assassins creed. Games arebecome the part of their daily life which affects their nature and behavior.Children action and habit is also affected by these types of games. There aremany researches and theory that how games affected on the children especiallyfirst person shooter. By default, in first person shooter the hero is you.Children think that they are hero and they kill people.

Marxist stated about dominant ideology. Video games alsofollow this theory. The ideology of dominant culture always reflects in games.

The cities which show in games are always dominant cities in world like New York.Research also calculates that many children affected bygames and also give suggestion to reduce affect. It is also proven thatteenager is most affected by first person shooter games rather than television.Because in games, you can become the part of violence and fighting. But in TV,you only can see violence or fighting. Children and their family thought thatthese games are given them entertainment. Rather than give entertainment, gamesalso affected their mind.

The game which is made for children learning andtheir education having low grossing in gaming industry. But the games whichhave violence, nudity, thriller, action have highest rating on imdb. The reasonis most of sponsors give money to those who create violent games. So thegraphics and lighting of these games is more modern and stylish. So people likethese games most. According to gamers, games are most unique and best form ofentertainment.

This is also because in games, people are also become part ofstory or script. But in TV, we will not be the part of story. We only watchstory. Proper video games were invented in 70’s.

  The most important thing is first personshooter games require player attention physically and mentally. That’s whypeople spend most of time in front of games. Another theory of Marxist is cultural hegemony in which rulingclass always dominant and able to manipulate value system. Games like GTA,HITMAN, and ruling class always dominant over other people. Our children learn hissense of dominancy over other by playing games.  When children meet with other, they will tryto get dominancy over other children by fighting and hurt them.  They also inspire by that dominant cultureand adopt them.75% of people are engage with video games.

  This grossing rate and the price of thesegames are rapidly growing.  Increasingaggressiveness in children is directly or indirectly linked with these firstperson shooter games. On other side, this game also teaches us wrong values,racism, bad language, violent act.

The most important thing is players gainpoints by killing others in games. There is also feminine thing that women arealso portrays as weaker and sex object. Male gaze is how male seeing and portray women. In manygames like GTA, HITMAN, ASSASSINS CREED having male gaze. In which women portrayas sex object and there is many nudity in this games.

In many games there issome scene in which male sexually gazing on women. In games, there are manythings which is ethically wrong but in games that will be right i.e. killing,kidnapping.

Like in relativism theory, whether the action is wrong or rightdepends on the society norms. Similarly that society norm also reflects ingames. There are many symbolic interactionism is first person shooter games.

Thestrength, health, power, arms of your hero shows by symbol. Another thing is essentialism view in games. Essentialism iscategorized in small group of racism, cast difference, culture, and status insociety. In modern games hero should be man, masculine, white color, wearingpant shirt. The status of hero and antagonist should be high.

The fight betweenAfricans and American was showed in many games like fry cry, assassin creed andmany others. In which hero looks like an American white person. And theantagonist must seem like African black color people. The location wear herolive is modern looks like upper class New York citizen. There are many Racismis against women. Man always is the hero in game.

There are women side by sideplaying roles but not the lead role.  Many games also show nudity of women and portraythem as a girlfriend of main hero or as sex object. In some game like watchdogs. They promote street man as a hero. Many other games like assassin creed showother side of assassin’s culture. They show hero as masculine, they rarely showwomen in game.

The most popular entertaining activity now a day for allages of people is playing video games. People spent a lot of money on games bybuying DVDs. According to research girls are also same interested in video gameslike boys. Teenagers between 15 to 18 ages spend more time than young kids.

There are many games which are link with internet which is very looks likerealistic which allow people to engage with unknown people in games. There aregames which promote education and learning. But most themes of games arenegative and promote violence that contain killing or kidnapping of otherpeople, abuse of alcohol/uses of different drugs, committed crime and behavelike a criminal, no follows rule regulation, breaking law and orders, sexual behaviorwith violence towards innocent women, racism, racial difference, cast difference,many stereotypes i.e. gender, bad languages and gesture. Different type of games is now available in market whichtarget different age group of children. This type of games affects their educationand real life habits. Rather than concentrate on studies, children are moreinterested in killing zombies and drive with maximum speed in racing games.

According to research educational games are mostly played by teen girls.    Kaiser familyfoundation finds that the teenager between 8 to 18 years spends almost 10 hoursin front of screen. The dangerous thing in children life is that they considerfantasy of games as real life. They also consider their daily routine as amission and they are hero. Most of student fights in school, they fights liketheir favorite hero. In short, they copied the attitude and behavior of theirfavorite hero. They thought the life of game is similar as real life.

They alsoimpressed by the language, dressing, moves, strategy of their heroes. Childrenthinks that they become more strong by fighting in real life, so their levelwill also increase in real life Kaiser family also finds that when the kidsmeets with their siblings, they will fight each other like games by artificialguns. Gentile with the help of Anderson stated that by playing these types ofaggressive games.

The behavior of children rapidly becomes aggressive. They alsofind that these types of games affect their education.  Regardless they were focused on theirstudies, they will focusing on completing mission of new games. These types ofgames are popular in both genders. The research of calvert and tan shows that thechildren of 8 to 10 year affected more than elders. Because above 10 yearchildren knows the difference between real life and gaming. Games addicted children faced many health problems likedizziness, heart rate, blood pressure.

Desensitization also occurs in childrenafter playing these games. They have less empathy for others because there isno option of forgiveness and negotiation in games, so the act of helping poorpeople are desensitize in these children. When you become more violent inmodern games, you will get more rewards. So children thought that by doingviolent act and aggressiveness, we get more rewards. Children get rewarded bykilling, kicking, ragging, other in video games.  According to some research of juvelline, thecrime rate is decreasing by increasing of popularity of video games like tombraider, GTA etc.

He also stated that the people get emotionally attached bytheir favorite game and they are desperately waiting for update version ofgame.  De montreal is the university which stated that by playingaction and violent games, the brain of children also get affected. Mostimportant caudate nucleus of brain gets also affected by playing these games. Anotherresearch says that the people who are playing video games more than 4 hour arein danger. May be those are affected by ADHD. In modern, culture kids playonline games. By which they learned bad language.

In games, hero should bewhite color man which promotes racism. Sometimes, there are many political agenda underlying thesegames. Gaming industry growing rapidly. The habit of playing games is good butwhen someone plays game in excessive amount then it became harmful forchildren. Another thing is children must learn the difference between real lifeand fantasy in games. Parents must check their kids that what type of gamesthey are playing.

Are they violent?? Or are they educational. Children must control their time of playing games. Excessive timein playing games desensitize children. They can leads less time of socializing,hangout with family and friend, less family time, school work, less skills ofreading, become obesity by doing less walk/exercise.

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