Area comparing the results with other researches (Jha

Area of investigation    Nayband Bay as anatural national marine park is the study area which is located in the vicinityof largest oil and gas industrial on-shore and off-shore complexes (Asalouyeh) inthe world.

The salt marshes are hosting some endangered species (Hilton-taylor, 2000) of mangroves  including Avecennia marina(He, Li, Chai, & Qiu,2014; Tam et al., 1995; Usman, Alkredaa, & Al-Wabel, 2013)  Main common wealth oil and gas sources ofPersian Gulf derived all gulf countries (UAE, QATAR) in a competition of extraction and developindustries as much as possible. So high risk of oil pollution in thisprotected biosphere (REF) led mist of environmental scientist to study on thearea preserving the nature. This area is in northwestern side of Persian Gulf located27°28?34?N and 52°36?27?E  (Fig 1).

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2.2. Sample Collection     Samplingstation was selected in intertidal zone comparing the results with otherresearches (Jha et al.

, 2002). Sediment core was token usingPVC tubes of 5 cm in diameter and 50 cm long. Two cores were kept in a Unolit cool box, filled with Sealed Dry Ice(fig2.) at 4 Degree Celsius until delivered to the laboratory for heavy metalsanalysis (REF, STDRD USEPA). Sediments were cutfrom the PVC Tubes at 2 cm intervals with plastic knife. Each layer was storedin plastic, labeled and stored in cool box, shipped to Tehran and stored inrefrigerator until analysis.

 2.3. Sample preparation Core sediment samleprepared due to  Plastic and glasswarehas been cleaned with soup glassware and plastic vials used were initiallycleaned with d, rinsed thoroughly with tap water and distilled water, and thensoaked in 14% HNO3 (v/v) for one day, cleaned completely with deionized water afterthat dried. All solutions were prepared using deionized water at 18.2 M?.Standard solutions were prepared by diluting a 1,000 mg/l multielement solution(Alomary & Belhadj, 2007) 2.

4. Inductively coupled plasma optical emissionspectrometry (ICP-OES)     SimultaneousICP-OES (Varian 735-ES) equipped with charge coupled device (CCD) detector andSPS3 Auto sampler (Varian) has been used for the determination of elements.