ARIS models in one notation and then to

ARIS is a repository-based professional modeling tool. The
tool has rich heritage and over the years has developed into one of the most
feature-rich products of its kind.  The
starting point for creating an ARIS model is within the tool itself. There is limited support for
automated process discovery, which is unsurprising given that ARIS is not
focused purely on IT processes. (why state this?) With the SAP link it
is possible to import SAP processes, functions and tables to use them as part
of your model. (support for other products?) There are also links with ARIS
Process Performance Manager (PPM), which can also be used to assist in initial
model creation. With such a varied range of diagrams and models it is unlikely
to encounter a process documentation scenario that ARIS will not support.


Although ARIS was designed and created to support process
and business transformation rather than technology implementation, ARIS does
provide many options to support process automation. These include generation
and integration with Software AG’s own process automation offerings and of
course the integration with SAP.  For
those with other requirements there is the standard ability to generate, BPEL (business
process execution language) and BPMN 2.0. 
As with other tools, work is needed  (comment on extent of work) to enrich these
models once they are imported into the chosen execution environment.  ARIS provides the ability for users to create
models in one notation and then to switch them to another with minimal effort.

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The ARIS toolset provides extensive support for all manner
of industry and technology frameworks, including SCOR, ITIL(IT Infrastructure
Library) and DODAF. Due to the size and breadth of their customer base and its
relationship with SAP (why call out SAP?), Software AG has also developed a
number of industry frameworks of its own and offers these to help customers
speed up their process analysis and design. The tool provides specific support
for Lean and Six Sigma.


ARIS provides comprehensive repository and collaboration
support.  It has an embedded workflow
engine, which is used to provide support for project lifecycles, change
management and release management. This support is important in an enterprise
class tool and is used to set the tool apart from much of the competition. All
tools in the ARIS platform make use of the same shared repository, so there is
seamless sharing of information across teams and enterprises.


The process execution platform from Software AG is
webMethods.  webMethods BPMS offers
process modeling and execution support in one suite, with a unified user
experience, Eclispe-based
design tool (explain what this is). 
Process monitoring is carried out using webMethods BAM tool. This
provides a wide range of process monitoring and analysis options, together with
support for KPI monitoring, executive dashboard and predictive analysis.  In terms of supporting existing investments,
such as packaged applications, webMethods relies on SOA-based integration
portfolio of offerings, which includes a range of adapters to most major
applications such as SAP, Oracle and IBM.