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Around the world, people make bad choices knowingly and willingly. People can argue and say everyone is born good, but really are we? No. Everyone is prone to making horrible life decisions in their lifetime, for the sake of their wants and needs, or just simply because they think it’s a good idea. But overall, people, without a doubt are born bad. Our choices reflect on who we are, as people and as a greater society. As previously stated humans are prone to poor life decisions. This is understandable due to the flawed nature that humans are so vulnerable to exhibit. People can say things like your decisions depend on how you were raised, or where you grew up, but overall it’s you who makes the decisions, and it’s you who controls what you do. For instance, when the boys were killing Simon, with “no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws” ( Golding 153 ), none of them were taught/raised like that. However, they did it anyways which just shows that people are born bad. Nobody had to teach them or anything but they just did it anyways, which proves that in all human nature people are born bad, we just hold ourselves back from making the wrong decisions most of the time. But with these boys being so young, and with them being alone on the island with no adult figures, it just naturally shows humans are prone to make bad decisions, and when things get bad and nobody has official rule, things can get out of hand with the decisions we make and cause us to make the wrong ones. People can also say things like most people are good, even though we have made bad decisions, but in all sense were really not. It is natural human nature to kill to survive, were predators. However, we can take that label out of hand and use it in the wrong ways. For instance, when they killed Piggy in such a brutal way, none of the boys were taught that by their parents, they did it because it was in their human nature to. When the boys released the boulder on Piggy, they knew the exact outcome of what releasing that boulder would do, and they did it anyways, proving that all humans are born bad – regardless of age or anything. We all make bad decisions in our life, little ones and big ones, but overall they’re still bad. Which does mean that humans are born bad, we just control ourselves most of the time. So overall, people can argue and say were all born good but in all honesty were really not. Everyone makes at least one bad choice in their life, big or small, but it does define us as who we are as people in the end. Some of us make bad choices for the hell of it, and some of us just make bad choices to fulfill our wants and our needs, but we all are really born bad. Most of the time we hold ourselves back from making the wrong choice, but even just as the fact that we have to do that proves that all humans are born bad. It’s within our nature, we just don’t make bad choices all the time now because of how society has shaped itself, and the rules that are set. But when you really think about it, we have all made a bad choice in one way or another.