As deep expertise and sense of curiosity means

As a Strategy and Innovation Analyst in Deloitte Digital, I help challenge clients around their business thinking to invent new and game-changing solutions that deliver lasting impact.

Participating in Singularity U means that I’ll be able to understand the depth of untapped potential in exponentials, ultimately bringing back ideas and a network that will help to catalyst our clients to challenge their status quo and awaken their strive to improve in a sustainable way. It will also be an amazing opportunity for me to dig deep and continue exploring three burning questions that I’ve come across again and again in my first year as a graduate:1.How do we operationalise ideas? Getting plunged into an ambitious digital content migration project for a FSI client meant that I could see first hand why the ability to adopt, operationalise and iterate continuously was not something that came naturally to incumbents.

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Ideas are easy to come by but operationalisation of ideas is hard. As we begin to introduce exponentials as ideas that can be tangibly implemented, I am passionate about figuring out how to construct the type of environments (structures, capabilities,processes) that will allow our clients to confidently take risks. The use cases and challenges that speakers and attendees bring to Singularity U will enable me to help clients think outside their industry for inspiration and redesign their business models to create growth.2.

Who will lead the change in exponentials? Learning about exponentials at Singularity U alongside a community of deep expertise and sense of curiosity means that knowledge transfer efforts will be collaborative and inclusive; values that I believe make the difference between a smart idea on paper and a thriving commitment to change.I am also interested in the people that come after the implementation of exponentials ideas and technology. For example, who will be responsible for evaluating the unintended consequences of new technologies and ways of working, such as AI and the gig economy?As a committed participant and occasional mentor in Melbourne’s hackathon community, I hope to continue to work with people that embrace the inherent riskiness in sharing dangerous ideas.It will allow me understand the behaviour,skills, mindset and spirits of the people side of innovation and help rethink business offerings to empower clients to leverage exponentials and work through its impacts (good or bad) when the time comes.3. Why should we care about exponentials?The question that often comes up with clients after the awe in learning the rapid changes in tech is, why should we care about exponentials when we are still keeping pace with emerging technologies?Looking at exponentials as individual technology often limits the vision of possibilities and can turn seasoned operators into skeptics.

While exponential technologies excite me, I am truly interested in understanding the interactions between different technologies and innovation mind sets that will help in stripping away assumption and barriers about what is possible. To be able to articulate a clear why to clients that looks not only at trends but shifts to thinking about the wider ecosystem and engagement in diverse expertise will be key to accessing unexpected solutions.Bringing it all back to youAs someone who is a seasoned content creator who is inherently interested in other people, I am already buzzing with ideas (low fi AR with Google cardboards to present a 360 view of the summit/interactive infographic/lunch and learn sessions) to translate the conversations I have into shareable forms both at Deloitte Digital community of practices and to the wider firm.

-An adaptive response to the changing economic, technological and cultural conditions is not an overnight exercise. Singularity U will be one the many ‘next steps’ that I hope to take in the pursuit of extraordinary connections that will lead to true insights and to building radical futures.