As the International Criminal Court. At ICC, I


a student and observer of international law, I have come to the realization
that a substantial change can be brought about by someone practicing
international law to make this world a better place. There are many gross
violations of human rights on a daily basis and a majority of them go unnoticed
and overlooked. Millions of people are being forced to leave their homes,
subjected to inhumane treatment-whilst their pleas go unheeded. There is no
doubt that with the ongoing events, the world has become an unsafe place to
live in.


increasing frailty of human rights and environment ignominy affects me at a
personal level. In fact, it affects me to such an extent that I want to spend
my life working towards these causes. I believe that the field of international
law is committed towards and contributing immensely in playing a substantial
role in bridging the gap of providing justice across borders. Thus, I am
motivated to contribute to our planet and help in delivering justice by working
with the Prosecution Division at the International Criminal Court.

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ICC, I would like to study and research about International Law, International
Human Rights, International Criminal Law and International Law of Armed
Conflict in order to understand the interlinkages between them. I would also
like to learn about the foundation and structure of the United Nations, the
Charter and its ancillary bodies and how international law primarily regulates
the conduct and relation between the member countries. I feel these areas relate
to my scholarly interest and will further prepare me to become a successful
legal practitioner of the 21st century.


from academics, I have a keen interest in quizzing (participating and
organizing), writing poetry (published on my blog) and travelling. Through my
experience and knowledge acquired at the ICC, I would also like to assist the
other developing countries in implementation of treaties and other trade
negotiations. I feel that international law in today’s time, stands on the
threshold of unprecedented changes as the mankind moves towards a new world
order; I would therefore like to be part of the people at the ICC realizing
this change.