Ashton Four Short stories question sheet

Lintel is not very social and does not enjoy talking very much. “And yet he never said a word”. 2. Find three differences between his personality and Lintels. The narrator enjoys fancy and fine things. Lintel enjoys a simpler lifestyle that n Smithies. “Bit expensive”. Also Smithies is a friendly and social person. Lintel is not very Soc ill and does not enjoy talking very much. “And yet he never said a word”. In Smithies mind he is constantly thinking about his relish. “Annum was always on my mind. ” Lintel is think Eng about a disappearance of a girl which he wants to solve. . Give at least three bits of information that indicate that Lintel is bright. Lintel is bright because he uses his mind to think of predictions that are usurp singly correct. “Yes, it’s doing no good there: you’re probably meant to lose it. And do you an owe he’d be right. ” Also he is Oxford educated. “l heard him tell the flat man he had come down from Oxford. .. ” He was able to solve the murder by himself and the help of Smother s who supplied him with the info. 4. What does Smithies’ comment about Milton and “The Inferno” indicate ABA UT his knowledge? 5. What is a clue?

List at least five important clues that pointed Scotland Yard I n the direction of the murderer. 6. What is a red herring? Give at least one red herring used by the author. 7. Which are the different settings? What setting does the reader learn most d details about, and why? 8. Why was the murder good for business in Eng? Describe a similar recent c ease where a tragedy caused some business to profit? 9. What is the clue that allows Lintel to discover the solution? 10. Why did Stagger need to cut up the wood? B. The Cask of Amontillado 1 . Give the major details of the setting of this story.

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The setting of this story is in a crypt where a special wine is kept. The crypt the eye visit is in Italy en evening during a carnival. When they arrive in the crypt there are human remains “It’s walls had been lined with human remains, piled to the vault overhead, in the f assign of the great catacombs of Paris. ” 2. Describe the mood of the story. Does the mood change as the story proper sees? Explain your thinking. The mood of the story is very calm. The story goes on very smoothly through UT the story. Also the story is also in a relaxed mood because nothing dramatic happens a ND there are no sudden changes to the plot. 3.

What is amontillado? What is Fortunate opinion of amontillado? Amontillado is a rare brandy that was claimed to be found by the narrator. OF rotunda’s opinion of the Amontillado is that the Narrator has an exquisite taste here it says “An d yet some fools will have it that his taste is a match for your own. ” 4. Who is telling the story and what do we call that form of narration? Is it a go do choice? Why? The person who is telling the story is “Mentors”. We call this form of narration on first/third person because in some parts of the story it’s in first person and in other part s of the story it’s narrated in third person.

The author does this to spice up the story a little bit o make it sound different than what we’re used to listening too. 5. Why does Fortunate suspect nothing of the trouble coming his way? Fortunate suspects nothing of the trouble coming his way because he is very drunk. He is also very relaxed due to the narrator’s friendly behavior. “He did not perceive e that my to smile now was at the thought of his immolation … He had been drinking much. This is why he doesn’t expect anything coming his way because he is not in control of things and the narrator’s charming behavior has fooled him. . What are Free Masons, and what do they do? The free masons are members of a international order established for mutual help and fellowship. They hold elaborate secret ceremonies. 7. Why is it ironic that the narrator pretends to be a Free Mason? It’s ironic that the narrator pretends to be a free mason because he is hosting a small secret drinking session but the free masons host secret ceremonies. 8. How does the culprit ensure that he will not be caught? The culprit ensures he will not get caught by going in the nighttime, and sealing g Fortunate with a brick wall. 9.

How much time has passed between the crime and the telling of the story? 0 years. At the end of the story the narrator claims the corpse has remained untouched for half century. 10. Were the family motto and the coat of arms of the murderer appropriate? Explain your thinking. The family motto and the coat of arms were not appropriate because the arm S is saying that there is a history of revenge in the family while the motto was about people w ho have a grand taste. C. The TellTale Heart 1. Who is the narrator and what kind of person is he? The narrator is the murderer. He is a very intelligent and very stealthy person.

He is also an insane individual who murders the old man for his “vulture eye” He is intelligent NT because he observes the old mans schedule for seven days to make sure his planned murk deer goes right. He is stealthy because clearly it says “l moved it slowly very, very slowly, so the at might not disturb the old man’s sleep. ” He murders the old man because of his vulture cooking eye. He got chills and was very disturbed around the eye. 2. Why do we never learn his name? We never learn his name because he is telling the story from his point of view. Also narrators don’t usually have names.

In the story he is always telling the story from his p nit of view because he is talking to himself, therefore, it proves that you can never learn his name. 3. Describe the setting of the story. The setting of the story is in the old mans house. It proves that it takes place I n the old mans house because in the story clearly it says “every night, about midnight, I turner d the latch of his door and opened it. ” 4. Why does the author not give us more details about the setting? The author does not give us more details about the setting because this story about a madman who is telling a story about his murder from his point Of view. . Why is the crime so difficult to commit? The crime is difficult to commit because the narrator had nothing against him and the old man had never insulted him ever. Also the narrator was not looking for the old ma ins possessions. In fact the narrator said clearly “I loved the old man. ” 6. What actions of the narrator make him seem slightly insane? Some actions of the narrator that make him seem slightly insane when the an orator swore and smashed his chair. In the last paragraph of the story it clearly says ” I foamed I raved I swore! I swung the chair upon which I had been sitting, and grated it upon the boards…

He also crept into the old mans room for seven nights. 7. How does the author communicate this state of mind in his style of writing The author communicates in a descriptive yet insane state of mind. When he says “If still you think me mad, you will think so no longer when I describe the wise precaution I took for the concealment of the body. “. This proves he IS insane because he just killed an innocent old man who never wronged him and he thinks he is still sane. 8. Where do you think the sound of the heartbeat really comes from? The sound of the heartbeat comes from his conscience because it’s the only s en part Of him that’s left.

It might be saying that he will remember his devious crime for the r est. of his life and there is no going back. 9. How do the police manage to figure out the crime? The police managed to figure out the crime when the narrator started to act c racial, screaming about “the noise” and admitted to the crime. In the story he confesses due to insanity because in his head he heard the heart beating. He clearly says “l admit the deed! Tear up the planks! Here, here! It is the beating of his hideous heart! ” 10. Explain why the narrator has an outburst towards the end?

The narrator has an outburst towards the end because he hears the beating o f the hideous heart. Clearly it says “It is the beating of his hideous heart! ” Also he starts pain icing because the room around is growing “hot” and he thought the police already knew an d were laughing at the fact that they knew the deed he did. D. The Adventures Of the Speckled Band 1 . When and where does this story take place? 2. What are the first examples of Holmes’ extraordinary powers of observation n? 3. Who is the lady who comes to visit Holmes and explain her concerns? 4. Who is the stepfather and what sort of man is he?