Assessment Task

Examples include staffing requirements, buying new equipment or introducing new systems or procedures. One strategic decision that could be made by the partners at Classic Interiors is the expansion of the company by offering a studio based service available on the internet. This sort of business expansion and groove requires careful and detailed planning at strategic level and is high risk. By entering a new market and producing this new service it is essential to research what is needed to make this side of the business a success.

One operational decision the partners have made is appointing an office manager and advertising for ore administrative staff and trainee designers. The training of existing staff in the design software is also an operational decision. These are structured decisions and the task of recruiting these staff will likely lie with the office manager. This is a relatively low risk decision for the company. Role of the Office Manager As the newly appointed office manager I believe that am the link between the partners and the team of administrative staff.

For the organization to work effectively it is important that the partners understand what is happening with the workforce and it is also important that the staff are made ware of the company’s activities and do not have to rely on rumor to gain this knowledge. As the office manager must agree with the operational plan that has been developed with the partners and then ensure that it is implemented, monitored and evaluated. Will agree with the administrative team SMART targets to contribute to the operational actions.

It is also essential that communicate to the staff and partners the progress made on the operational actions. One issue that I feel needs to be addressed is the communication between the administrative staff and the partners. The resent informal system has led to information being miss-communicated which in turn has led to bad feeling and frustration on both sides. Feel that by adopting a more formal communication system within the office these problems will be rectified. Regular scheduled meetings that encourage input on various issues from all staff members can greatly improve workplace communication.

As the office manager I will also ensure that I am accessible and approachable to the team and will conduct regular employee reviews to discuss any issues. Another issue is the amount of time the partners have to Penn doing tasks that they feel could be completed by administration staff. This is leading to frustration and the different management styles of each partner are also becoming an issue. By issuing training to staff in specific areas this enables them to do the work and enables the partners to work on other things.

Appointing an office manager also means that there is no need for the partners to be permanently in the office as they can deal with any issues and problems that may occur in their absence. Financial Planning and Budgetary control Financial planning is a necessary part Of operational planning. Financial resources have to be agreed and allocated to enable the operational plan to be achieved. Budgetary control enables the budget holder to monitor the allocation of funds during the implementation of the operational plan to ensure that the actions can be carried out.

Financial planning will ensure that adequate funds are allocated to the right areas such as the training and recruitment of staff. It will help to identify opportunities to distribute these funds evenly and give an overview of the financial position of Classic Interiors. Budgetary control ensures that targets are clearly set at the start of the operational plan. It will allow us to estimate how much training time is required to get our staff to the right level and let the company know how many staff may be recruited.

The benefits of financial planning include: Funds are agreed before the operational plan is implemented The partners and office manager have an overview of the financial position of Classic Interiors and can allocate funds accordingly. It allows any potential problems and barriers to come to light beforehand. The disadvantages can be: Its time consuming Some managers are not very numerate and do not understand or see the benefits. The benefits of budgetary control are that: The target can be clearly set at the start of the operational plan. These targets can be measured in financial terms.

The partners and manager can quickly identify any financial discrepancies. The disadvantages are: It can mean an increase in paperwork. It can be time consuming. Some managers may lack experience and confidence in managing budgets. Effective Delegation The term delegation means to assign the responsibility of carrying out a specific task to another person. It is not possible for a manger to complete all the tasks in their department so they must delegate some tasks but retain accessibility to ensure that the work is completed to a satisfactory standard.

The process of delegation is to: Define the task to be delegated Select the person that will undertake the work Ensure that they have the correct skills and capacity to complete the task and that they can cope with the workload, Outline the task to the individual or team Clearly define the outcome and results. Allocate correct resources. Agree a deadline and an evaluation method. The benefits of effective delegation within the Company are: By distributing tasks to members Of the administrative team, the partners can then incinerate on other aspects of the business such as design.

Training enables members of staff to develop for future roles within the company. It gives staff the motivation and encouragement to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Potential barriers to effective delegation are: When the manager or partners have an issue with letting go of tasks When appropriate resources and supervision are not provided. Possible solutions to these barriers are: The partners and office manager should provide the delegate with guidance and support in using the design software and undertaking tasks but should rye not to interfere too much.

They should also provide timely and constructive feedback. They should provide training in the subject but allow the staff member to self-manage whilst completing the task. The partners should recognize good performance and achievement and the office manager should be given the authority to reward and promote employees when it is deserved. Leadership Models adhering styles can usually be defined by three major styles: Autocratic- Direct and control staff, dictate policy and procedures, decide which goals are to be achieved and make decisions without consulting their team members.

Democratic- Make the final decisions but they include team members in the decision-making process. Encourage creativity’, people are often highly engaged in projects and decisions. Laissez-fairer – Give their team members a lot of freedom in how they do their work. Provide support with resources and give advice when needed but otherwise don’t get involved. At Classic Interiors the leadership styles the partners adopted were very different. Tomtit was a democratic leader when she was in the office. She held meetings with the staff and encouraged the administration staff to offer their opinion and took into account their views and experiences.

When she made an opinion that was against their suggestions she explained to the staff the reason for this. This style of leadership had a positive effect on the staff as they felt they were part of a team. Uzi had an autocratic style of leadership. She dictated to staff the times that meetings took place and changed the procedure for handling the mail without consulting any of the staff. She preferred to make decisions and then instruct the staff. This method can enhance performance on simple tasks but can decrease it on more complex tasks. It also created a distant relationship and her staff found it difficult to raise any issues with her.

The impact of each of these models are when Tomtit was in the office the staff were happier and the operational goals of the company were quickly achieved as they had trust in their leader and worked well together. Uzi had a negative effect on the staff motivation and because she failed to consult with them on anything she actually made the mail system inefficient and time consuming. Her leadership style created a stressful working environment for employees and because they felt unable to approach her with issues so this put added pressure on Tomtit as they went to her instead.