Astronomy Study Guide

Using Tycho Brahe’s data,which scientist proposed three laws of planetary motion ?
The true shape of planetary orbits was discovered by..
What is the most important safety rule ?
Follow teachers instructions
When is the daily tidal range greatest ?
Spring Tides
The center of mass where two or more celestial bodies orbit each other is known as..
Which part of the Electromagnetic spectrum is the slowest ?
Radio Waves
The source of the sun’s energy is..
Nuclear Fusion
Density is measured in which unit ?
g/ml or g/cm^3
Seasons are caused by ?
The tilting of the Earth on its axis rotates 23.5 degrees
The geocentric model of the universe stated that ?
The earth-centered
What is the shape of a planet’s orbit ?
According to the article the shape of the earth is described as..
Obslate spheriod or ellipsoid
The movement of the axis of a rotating body or wobble is known as ?
What tool do you use to measure mass ?
Blances,triple beam balance,and electronic scale
In which step of the scientific method is information obtained through the senses ?
1.Define Problem
Plants use sunlight to produce sugar through the actions of the chlorophyll through the process known as?
The energy of a photon is related to its..
wave length
Earth axis slowly but continuously points in different directions a movement known as..
What are the three types of galaxies ?
The turning or spinning of a body on its axis in known as..
Based on the observed red shifts in the spectral lines of distant galaxies,astronomers conclude that ?
The universe is expanding
According to the third law of planetary motion,the period of revolution of a planet is related to the planet’s ?
equal orbital period
The gravitational forces of the moon and the sun causes this event ?
Gamma rays,x-rays,visible,and radio waves are all types of ?
Electromagnetic radiation
Mass is measured in which unit ?
The study of the properties of light that depend on the wavelength is known as ?
The smallest daily tidal range occurs during which type of tide ?
Neap tide
According to the big bang theory the universe began about..
13.7 billion years ago
What field located on Earth helps us from harmful solar radiation rays ?
ozone layer
Our galaxy is called the ?
Milky way
Light seen in space is known as a ?
Volume is measured in what unit?
Which tidal pattern has two high tides and two low tides each day ?
What movement of Earth is responsible for night and day?
Which law states that each planet revolves so that an imaginary line connecting it to the sun sweeps over equal areas equal time intervals ?
Newton 2nd law
What is the most important lab safety procedure ?
Follow teachers instructions
Which scientist was the first to use the telescope in astronomy ?
Earth is closest to the sun at a point called ?
Why does Earth experience precession ?
direction in which the axis points changes
How does earth move through space ?
what chemical reactions produce the suns energy ?
nuclear fusion
How is solar energy essential to plants ?
solar energy converted into chemical energy through the process of photosythesis
How does the suns energy affect food webs on Earth ?
Plants use sunlight to produce