At childhood traumas, an example of that is

At the very first part of the Truman Show, we were able to see a falling star from the sky. A star we as viewers quickly realize is a camera light. This light is showing us a world built for a special man, Truman. The life of Truman is very special, he has eyes on him all the time. His life is broadcasted nationwide and the studio light firms the scene. On this little light we can see a text, Sirius which stands for the biggest star alive, which in this case is Truman, the main character and the star of this nationally broadcasted show.

 As an opportunity to escape the fake world and reality, Peter Weir, the director invintions a door of freedom. As Truman starts to seek for this door, he leaves all the symbols associated with positivity and goodness. He walks away from all the brightness and comfortness of Sea heaven island and faces the reality and the truth which is all gathered behind that door, the door of freedom. Throughout the film, Truman’s freedom is tightly linked with his childhood traumas, an example of that is his dad dying in a sailing accident, or at least that is what Truman gets told. The Sea heaven tries it best to clean up for his traumas and sorrows, this to protect Truman from the truth.

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In many ways he has been given many clues and hints to the fact that the world is not what it seems. By this we can refer to the saying “we only see what we wants to see”. Examples of this is the girls he meets in the middle of the story that does everything she can to reveal the truth for her beloved Truman. Also the christmas present that Truman gets at 5 years age by his parents, a man pops up from the present and shouts “Truman it is television”. In my opinion this is like a puzzle, which refers to the present. It shows us in a certain way that our world seems to have similar conflicts in our politics as in the show.

For example the economic ruptures, the war in the arab world, the killing of black people, slaves, and the most recently we have Donald Trump, the president of the United States Of America. Instead of develop our society with good things, we instead close us and get stuck in useless things. For example mony instead of human rights. Instead of living in a unfair society, where people is treating people bad.  I think it is time for realising like Truman that there is parts of the world that is ridiculous, just like Truman’s life. We should stand strong together and help each other and build the best world we can do.

Together we are one, because everyone has the right to their own life, especially a fair life, just like Truman wanted. Some of the powerful leaders in our world hold things in place just like Christoph, director in the movie, held Truman. The big difference is that we are not employees of the leader to participate in a show. The show does not portray liberation as utopia but as a world flawed, just like our own reality. It is a society structured by lies, struggle and pain where the happiness is not found in a sunburst in the clouds or an endless sea, but a small shadowy door. A door that leads of to a territory unmapped but hopefully invested with greater authenticity.