At named Napoleon decided to overthrow the new

At first there was no human rights if you were with the right crowd, you were sure if you were not where you were not but then a boy named Cyrus the Great decided to change everything that after conquering Babylon he did something completely revolutionary he announced that everyone slaves were free and he also said that people had the freedom to choose their religion no matter what crowd they were a part of they documented their words on a clay tablet called the Cyrus cylinder and just as the human rights born idea spread rapidly to Greece to India and eventually to Rome they notice that, of course, people followed certain laws, even though they were told they called this natural team, but it continued to be trampled by those who were in power, not until a thousand years later in England they finally get a king to agree that no-one can translate the rights to people not even a king’s rights were finally recognized and they were now safe from those in power, but it still took a lot of British rebels to explain their independence to the king at the moment all men were created as non-saying liked the idea but he could not stop them and America was born French immediately followed their own revolution for their own rights, their list was even longer they insisted that these rights were not only built if they were natural, the Roman natural concept had become natural rights. Unfortunately, not everyone was so appreciated in France, a general named Napoleon decided to overthrow the new French democracy and crown himself emperors of the world, he almost succeeded, but the countries of Europe went together and defeated him. Human rights were once again a hot topic that they drafted international agreements that found many rights throughout Europe but only throughout Europe, the rest of the world could still not qualify instead of being invaded and consumed by Europe’s massive imperial, but then a young lawyer from India probably decided, his name was Mahatma Gandhi and before the violence he insisted that all people on earth had rights not only Europe eventually Europeans would agree but it was not so easy that World War II broke out Hitler who was extinct half of the Jewish people in the earth in terrifying Nazi death killed all 90 million people never had human rights been so scary near extinction and never the world was more desperate for change so the countries in the world (194 countries) tied together and formed united nation where their basic purpose “to confirm faith n on fundamental human rights in fundamental human rights in dignity and dignity for human beings “but what were human rights Cyrus’s teachings about the natural laws of Rome, the declarations from France seem to have a somewhat different idea of ??what human rights should be but under the supervision of Eleanor Roosevelt, they ended only with a right that applies absolutely to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The French concept of natural rights had finally become human rights.