At opportunity, the most freedom, the greatest prosperity,

At the end, by all necessary supporting arguments, we can conclude that a democratic government is a better form of government because it is the most accountable form of government. Democracy is the form of government that provides its citizens with the most opportunity, the most freedom, the greatest prosperity, and the most comfortable life. By effectiveness of a state, we describe it as a proper economy, well GDP, a tremendous infrastructure. In ancient times the system might have given its nation or people well infrastructure, a giant statue, won great wars but they did not really give their citizens the freedom they really wanted, the basic human rights that they deserve to get. Human welfare is not achieved only by getting freedom from hunger and poverty. It is necessary to ensure proper respect for individual dignity. The state which serves proper dignity for every person living in that region is undoubtedly a successful state. The state should cover one’s necessary position by giving him basic human rights of expressing opinions, participating in decision making regarding state’s issues.

That opportunity can make the sustainable position for an individual to find proper dignity. And we know by the features of democracy that only it can make it possible to ensure individual dignity. In a democratic country, one can choose his/her religion freely, also education for all and his/her respectable position. The demand for modern time, woman’s right, can only be substantiated at the proper democratic country.

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The accountability of government running between through 3 arms, legislative, judiciary and executive can find worthy meaning only in a democratic state by ensuring its citizen’s proper participation in state’s issue and giving them the right to choose their own leader. At the end we can state that, if a country follows the steps of full democracy then it will be an effective state because if the citizens are happy, treated with proper respect by the government, low or almost no oppression by the government, and having the freedom and liberty to own properties and do businesses, will eventually result in higher economy (increase in GDP, decrease in unemployment rate, higher level of infrastructures, etc.).