Autism spectrum

Thomas Evans It is important to understand a service user as an individual with different skill sets and dislikes so you can get a good idea of how the autistic service user lives his/her life. For example an autistic individual may has sensory issues with noise so you would avoid supporting him/her to a concert and redirect and suggest supporting them with another activity such as a walk in the country side. Finding out what a service user likes and dislikes are important to keep a good professional relationship ND give the best support needed, also finding out what they are capable and not capable to do.

Autism Is a development disability that how an individual sees the world around them. It also affects their communicational skills and how to understand people reactions and feelings, such as happy and sad. The autism spectrum is something that cannot be put down on paper as it is a wide variety of different things. 1. 3 (HELP) The most common sensory perception difficulties are: Hypo ? sensitivity, this means an Individual Is under sensitive to sound light. Deer- selection, this means an individual struggles to focus on a set thing or subject and will not filter out the unimportant things. Hyper-sensitivity, this means an individual is acutely sensitive to certain things and objects such as lights and sounds. Sensory – overload, this means an Individual Is easily over stimulated and could cause them to shut down or show a behavioral. Over-selection, this means and individual only processes some of the information given to the person and will select some things or nothing at all also known as over filtering.

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Mono-processing, this individual can only process one thing at a time or will struggle to do more than one thing such as talking and listening. There are many other signs of autism such as repetitive behavior such as flapping, flicking, scattering, throwing, and shredding. They can also show signs of poor eye contact or will eat strong tasting foods or less tasting food. When an individual with hypo sensitivity he or she way cover eyes, ears or nose to block out that sensory. The autism spectrum Is so fast and expanding from non verbal who to a person who is a gifted individual.

For example the non verbal individual may not be able to communicate but will be very outgoing and not struggle with socializing in public or going out in the community, but the Individual who is deemed to be a gifted Individual may be highly sensitive to going out In public and struggle with social interactions. With the autistic spectrum it affects individuals in different ways. It can affect parents as it came become a full time Job to care for and provide for the individuals needs. As a support worker, working with different autistic individuals it is Hellenizing to understand their needs on that certain day.

Individuals can become withdrawn due to their sensory issues and this makes it hard for a support worker or a parent to give the right care needed. Parents and support workers can be affected with behaviors and having an autistic individual to become withdrawn and unwilling to do general duties. This Impacts major on the Individual, as It can make the individual become withdrawn and depressed and not socialist and potentially affect their mental state. The individual becoming stressed and angry for not being OFF of social life attending a cultural or religious requirement due to them being sensitive to large crowds and noise pollution.

People who do not understand the autistic spectrum will automatically assume that if someone is diagnosed with autism that they are ‘all the same’. This is not true as it is a vast spectrum. If an autistic individual was outside in the community and was approached by a member of the public assuming that the person is verbal and it turns out that the individual is not, this could cause a behavioral or for the individual to become depressed and anxious about going out in public again.

Communication between support workers and family members is essential to progression with the individual. Finding out what their likes and dislikes are will ensure that the individual you are supporting is getting the best support possible. Also understanding their condition and their traits of behavior to see what the individual is enjoying or not enjoying. 3. 1 did not understand the question. Autism is a heterogeneous syndrome defined by impairments in three core domains: social interaction, language and range of interests.

Recent work has led to the identification of several autism susceptibility genes and an increased appreciation of the contribution of De novo and inherited copy number variation. Promising strategies are also being applied to identify common genetic risk variants. Systems biology approaches, including array-based expression profiling, are poised to provide additional insights into this group of disorders, in which heterogeneity,