Autoimmune Disease

In our bodies we have an immune system that helps us be protected by diseases and infections. Autoimmune disease is the exact opposite. It attacks itself by mistake and you can become ill. Autoimmune diseases affect your tissues as well as your nerves, endocrine system, muscles and digestive system. Autoimmune occur only in women in their childbearing years. The Autoimmune disease tends to run in the families.

Your genes and immune system can respond to things in the environment. If you think you have autoimmune disease then ask your family members.There are many types of autoimmune diseases and is helpful to know a few of the common symptoms. Hasimoto’s thyroidtitis has tiredness, depression, dry hair, tough skin, and sensitivity to cold. Graves’ disease has insomnia, irritability, heat sensitivity, sweating, brittle hair and shaky hands. Multiple sclerosis has paralysis, tremors, numbness and tingling feeling. Rheumatoid arthritis has muscles pains, deformed joints, weakness, fatigue, and weightless.

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These can be diagnosed with blood tests and x-rays by your doctors. If you think you have Autoimmune disease it would be in your best advice to be tested by your physician and if you test positive for any of the Autoimmune systems, they will help you. Medication will help symptoms of Autoimmune disease. Different types of medication will vary with your symptoms.Mild Autoimmune diseased patients can take over the counter drugs while others with severe symptoms may be prescribed a drug.

If you have autoimmune disease a few tips to feel better are by eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, rest, and reducing your stress. Remember that due to our advanced technology, there are many new treatments for this disease that are being studied at the time!