Background: they didn’t actively decline or cancel a

Background:• Comcast helped pass a law that allowed companies to see customer browsing history without customer’s consent but then this law was repealed in 2017• Comcast is being fined $2.3 million for billing customers for products that they never ordered • Comcast settled with the Federal Communications Commission for the largest civil penalty • Comcast has also agreed to changing its selling procedures by only requiring customers to pay for items they have agreed to pay for • Comcast was charging customers according to a practice called “negative option billing” which means that they would charge customers they didn’t actively decline or cancel a service • Many customers claimed that they indeed did decline the product or service but were still billed for it • Comcast has sent out a statement claiming that they could have done things better and that they will make much needed improvements  • Despite Comcast settling with the Federal Communications Commission, they disagree with the FCC’s actions findings and stated that they only found “…isolated errors or customer confusion”• Under the agreement with the Federal Communications Commission, Comcast will now have to “obtain affirmative informed consent” before billing customers and it will also send an order confirmation that clearly describes the changes   Key Stakeholders:• Comcast customers • CEO of Comcast (Brian Roberts) • Comcast employees   Ethical Questions: • Firms must treat their customers with respect by listening to their concerns and Comcast did not do this as they refused to refund customers• Comcast employees were getting rewarded financially for retaining customers and getting sales. Employees had the challenge of balancing the needs of customers with his own financial interests and Comcast chose their own financial interest. Comcast used their customers to increase their revenues without thinking about their welfare.

  • Comcast abused their customers by changing their accounts without giving them a chose and abused their privacy in doing so What should have been done: • I think it was intelligent for Comcast to settle but I think that their public apology did not seem authentic• Comcast has done many questionable things in the past such as their lack of respect for customer privacy and then the negation option billing that they should have taken a large action to earn back respect • Comcast should have changed up leadership and written a sincere public apology to show how they were serious about their actions • Comcast could have dealt with their situation better as it seems that they should have tried to better repair their image 

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