Barnes Hospital

In looking at Barnes Jewish hospital, we will see how the two hospitals joined to be one, how Washington University gets involved, and what makes them one of the top hospitals in the nation. This hospital has many people that will travel from all over the world to come and be treated, so this is something that is a big deal and what may make it a top hospital. Robert Barnes was a wealthy man. However, he was not always wealthy. When he first came to St Louis he was penniless, but he worked as a store clerk and eventually became a bank President.

He also was the one who lent money to the owner of Busch to get it started. Barnes married and had two children, but both died in infancy. He died and had no living heirs. He left money build a hospital where people with low incomes could come and be treated. By 1912 the trustees had bought land near Forest Park and hired architect to design the hospital. Barnes Hospital entered into a contract with Washington University School of Medicine before ground was ever broken on the site. This was to say that they would be a teaching hospital and would use Washington University students and faculty.

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They would serve as a medical education, medical research, and leading edge medical care. The Jewish hospital had been a vital force in caring for the community and furthering medical science since 1902. Although the hospital was built with funds raised by the Jewish community in St. Louis pledged they would treat any person of any nationality. The Jewish Hospital established a training school for nurses, with is first graduating class in 1905. Barnes formalized its affiliation agreement with the Jewish Hospital and in 1993 the two hospitals joined with Christian Health Services to form BJC health systems.

This was the first healthcare system in the country to integrate academically based hospitals and a system of community hospitals serving a broad urban, suburban, and rural area. In January of 1996, Barnes and Jewish Hospitals merged to form Barnes-Jewish Hospital. This merger was something that benefited both sides. With the merger they only have one board and one management team. They still have the Children’s Hospital as well as still work with Washington University School of Medicine. In the new century, Barnes-Jewish continues to lead the way in medicine.

They opened what is called Center of Advanced Medicine and the Siteman Cancer Center. Siteman is a National Cancer institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. They also have the thoracic surgery program and orthopedic department. They are also the leading hospital for stroke patients. This hospital is one that is unique do to the fact that it was once two separate hospitals and they merged. They also have the Children’s Hospital right there on the campus as well as the Cancer center. This is on its own a great thing to know about when going to the hospital. They offer so many different options for payments as well.

They have a grant that helps patients with low income or no income to still be able to be treated. They also have a resident clinic where people can have a PCP with no insurance. They have many cancer patients that are able to have all of the treatments they need, even if they have no insurance. We learned that the hospitals were once two separate hospitals, they joined to be one, and how they use medical students to be a teaching hospital. These are all great reasons why they are one of the leading hospitals in the nation. Reference Barnes. (2013). Barnes-Jewish hospital. Retrieved from http://www. barnesjewish. org