Basics of english essay writing

English essay writing can be a great experience especially if we have all the time and the passion required to write quality English essays. In addition to the time and passion that is required to write these essays, we also need to have an excellent plan which we need to follow when writing the essay. The basics of English essay writing disclosed in this article will help you to write your paper in the perfect manner and avoid unnecessary mistakes. To begin with, we need to choose a topic which we are familiar with and in which we have strong interest. It is obvious that if we choose a topic which we like we will enjoy writing it. It is ill advised to choose a topic of which we know little about and in which we do not have interest. Choosing such a topic is likely to complicate our writing process and so should be avoided at all costs.

After choosing a topic, the next step requires us to brainstorm. The brainstorming process involves coming up with suggestions and points which we want to include in our English essay. The points need to be written in a tree diagram. The main branches of the tree should comprise our main points while other branches, or sub-branches, should include points or ideas emanating from the main points. After brainstorming and writing the major and minor points, the other step that follows in English essay writing involves formulation of a thesis statement.

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Rules of English essay writing requires us to state our main idea in the thesis statement. That being the case, the thesis statement should be strong and should not restate the topic of our English essay. After the thesis statement, which we need to formulate and state on the introduction section of our essay, we then proceed to working on the essay’s body section.

English essay writing basics demands that the body section should form the bulk of an essay; it should be made up of at least three paragraphs. The last section of our English essay should be the conclusion section.