B&B costs with training, to make sure that

B&B may face some initial costs in creating staircase stations. Additionally, also there may be costs with training, to make sure that the workers experts in their respective areas, it may takes long time .However, the benefits seem to outweigh these initial costs. B&B would be in a position to handle more volume and could make far better use of their existing resources. Orders would have a better chance of being completed on time and the elimination of waste would allow for moreMr. Hammond should sell this idea to the Joinery Manager at the second stage, the point at which orders are scheduled and allocated to workers.

This is where the biggest impact can be made in terms of production time, and once a solid rhythm’ is found after implementation, the gains will naturally flow back to the first stage of estimation and quoting.This proposed cell would be for staircases alone. Work outside of the cell would require separate joiners with the ability to complete other products such as doors and windows Since demand for these products is not as great as that for staircases, existing methods could continue for now.

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However, if the cell model works well for staircases, it could later be applied to the production of other items. Should Dean differentiateDean should implement the suggested changes because as mentioned before, the project is one of managing change. This means that the management should build an organizational culture that is based on the process of innovation. Employees are the most important assets of an organization and theretore the top management should create the best possible working conditions designed to maximize employee satisfaction.

 This means that Dean will have to sell the idea to the workers because the cell manufacturing system will completely different work processes. Therefore Dean should implement the suggested changes in order to bring about cultural change.The risks associated with Dean’s proposal have to do with the costs that will be incurred as a result of the factory floor being rearranged There will also be work stoppages during the implementation process. Therefore the challenge for Dean will be to manage project implementation in such a manner that the normal process flow is not disrupted during the transition period. The risks also have to do with the employees not being motivated enough to make the switch to a new manufacturing philosophy.

Additional costs will be incurred in the form of formal training and development programs that will have to be conducted in order to help the employees adapt to the new structure. Also, the equipment might have to be upgraded trom time to time. These upgrades might be costly in the event that the equipment is bolted to the