Being five main components that people should look

able to communicate properly in a workplace is a necessary and
helpful tool. When working for a company, we, as people, want to look
professional. We do not want to make the company look bad because we
have poor communication skills. For this particular assignment, I
chose “to communicate properly in a workplace”. I chose this
topic because I think that many people do not know that there is a
difference between talking at home with their friends and
communicating at work with their co-workers.

communicating with others, there are five main components that people
should look at. The first component is the individual sending the
message. The sender must state the message clearly and with some
detail so that the receiver can understand what the sender is
saying. The second component is the form of the message. The form of
the message may be delivered through gestures, body language, facial
expressions, or elements such as tone of voice. The form of a message
is only available to the receiver when they can hear the message from
the sender. With this being said, IM and Email emotions are very poor
substitutions as here the sender formulates the messages without any
input from the receiver. The third component is the person receiving
the message. The receiver must be able to listen carefully and
intently to be able to ask questions of clarity. They then must be
able to paraphrase and understand what the sender just said. If the
receiver trusts the sender, then the chances of effective
communication increase. The fourth component is the delivery method
that is chosen. This method should be based the most effective way
to present the meaning of the message. The delivery method should
suit the communication needs of both the sender and the receiver.
The final component of communication is the content of the message.
The content presented should be clear it should also have enough
detail to obtain understanding from the receiver. If
the message content resonates and connects, on some level, with the
already-held beliefs of the receiver, it is most effective
Working with those five components should help with proper
communication in the work place.

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properly communicating there are six types of good questions to ask.
They are being direct, having control, repeating yourself, being
persistent, summarizing the question, and being non-pertinent. Using
a direct question usually works best. Direct questions usually
include one interrogative, one verb, and one noun or pronoun. Using a
control question are deliberate questions. These questions are about
the discover of the information because you would probably already
know the answer too them. These are based on the discovery of the
behavior, which pertains to the patterns of speech, and the different
levels of truthfulness or accuracy. In using a repeat question, you
uncover discrepancies. Using a persistent question is useful if the
suspect that the person in being untrurthful. Summary questions may
come in handy when determining veracity as much as feeding
information back to the source. In using a non-pertinent question
could lead to mitigate tensions. It may also mean that you yourself
just need a little space and time (Heathfield).

is more frequent and effective in a workplace environment the uses
open communication, employee involvement, and common goals
(Healthfield). Having effective nonverbal and verbal communication
skills are certainly valuable in workplace. Having effective
communication skills for the workplace is important in companies with
workplace diversity. Many companies provide communication training to
those employees that are domestic and international. This way
companies can avoid miscommunication and cultural confusion by
training the international employers early in their careers and on a
regular basis. Good
communication skills go beyond conversations, but employees must know
how to communicate well in written reports and emails.
Using effective communication can help reduce errors and allow
operations to run much smoother, helping increase productivity

workplaces with high morale, employee-focused workplaces, complain
that they do not know what is going on (Heathfield). An improvement
in employee morale can result from using effective communication. The
pay may be used as a concern by many workers, but this is not their
only concern. They appreciate good communication management. Having
good communication management, helps produce a healthy workplace.
Employees are then satisfied with their jobs, and they are able to
effectively perform duties with positive attitudes. Failing
to communicate effectively in a workplace leads to frustration and
confusion among employees. However, managers can alleviate such
problems by keeping the lines of communication open.

can be a very effective tool in any workplace. Knowing the different
components and knowing when to use certain questions can be confusing
unless you break it down and go through it. This particular topic was
a very helpful research topic. Reading through those articles and
pulling information to use really surprised me to how much we need
good communication for a workplace to properly function. Effective
communication is the big one if someone does not understand the
person talking to them, then there are issues. Overall, this paper
was great learning experience.

will take my findings that I used in my paper and try to put them to
use in my workplace. I will do this by making sure I am looking at
what is the best component for my communication. I will also look at
which is the best way to effectively get my question across. I will
think about which question I should address before addressing it so
people understand me properly. I will do an overview of how I
communicate in my workplace and if it is not good, my intent is to
improve and make it better.