Being screen, you can take away other stuff

more efficient is another advantage of distance learning. Students organize the
environment according to themselves. You know yourself better than anybody
else. That means you should decorate the atmosphere where you take the course.
Also, you can take your course according to the most efficient times of your
brain. You can play a classical music in the background to clear your mind or
go to a silent place. If you think you need to see only the screen, you can
take away other stuff in front of your eyes. If you need to see a peaceful view
while watching your lesson, you can put a photo near you, or you can put your
computer next to the window. This changes person to person according to
learning skills. Moreover, a student who suffers from homesickness can’t focus
the lesson well. This student should be at a place where he or she is happy. If
you are in a good mood while watching your lesson, you will tend to learn more.
You should know that distance learning is more efficient than what people think
about it.

final advantage of distance learning is about your age. It doesn’t matter how
old you are, you can get educated thanks to distance learning. If you are in a
certain age, you can’t go school. A person who wants to get educated shouldn’t
be refused. This person is determined to learn new things, and our duty is to
see his or her passion. Everyone can learn information. There are a lot of
people who couldn’t get educated because of financial problems or family
issues. We are in a technology age. If we don’t use the technology for these
cases, what we are going to do with it? Education is never too late. There are
so many kinds of people who want to learn more and more. Think that there is a
woman, and she is a mother, she has a full-time job, and she should do house
works. This woman says that she wants to learn new things. She has passion, and
she is eager to learn. As you understand, the best way for education is
distance learning for this woman.

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can be concluded that distance learning is better than traditional education
due to having many advantages. However, many people are used to going school
for getting educated, and they don’t even try distance learning. As soon as
they notice the difference, they can’t believe that it is better. If they join
a distance learning course, they will want to continue the lessons. It is more
practical than the other education types that you have seen before. We are in
an age called technology age. We all have smartphones and the internet. Eight
people out of ten have a computer and the internet. If we don’t use them for
education, what are the benefits of them? Authorities are in charge of
providing a high-quality education for people who want to learn something
beneficial for themselves. Authorities should make people attend to a distance
learning course for a short-term. They should teach people that they have
options to get educated on this platform. There are still some people who don’t
know this system. Somebody should announce these people. For a better quality
education, and students, we should aware of this system’s benefits. If this
system reaches all people, the education system will be developed very fast.
Distance learning has great benefits for learners. Thanks to it, we can get
educated while we go on our daily life. Not only it is efficient, but also it
is easier than other options. That makes it better than traditional education.