Beka Lamb Chapter

Mrs.. Lamb confronts Beak and tries to explain vents in her own childhood that have made her antipathetic to the older customs. In previous times she tells Beak,” The more you left behind the old ways the more accessible you were to the powerful people in the government and church”. These people had the power to change a black person’s life. TO help Beak stop lying Mrs.. Lamb gives her an exercise book and a new pen. She to write down any lie she feels like telling and stories about before time.

Beak’s delighted with the gift and is reconciled with her mother she sits down o write about her mothers past. Chapter 12 The wake is well on the way when Beak arrives. There is lots to eat and drink and Uncle Curb stories are being told. Later they will be dancing also. Ms. Leila tells Beak that Toxicity is ill and isn’t coming. Beak listens to the conversation of the older woman. Ms. Flop warns her against young boys and married men who may take advantage of girls. Her own granddaughter has 3 children with different fathers.

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The older folk begin to compare the present with the past, implanting that,” Nowadays everybody is so gentian with all this education that they shame to do the old things. ” desk goes into Granny Starker bedroom and tells her Greaten spirit what is bothering her- her failure at school, Toxicity sign of pregnancy, her worry that Toxicity may go the way of Ms. Fool’s granddaughter. So what comforted by the expressions of her fears she falls asleep in Granny Starker bed. On the way home Mr.. Lamb tells Beak that he has decided to send her back school for one last try. Beak is delighted and promise to do her best.