Belonging Related Material Owen

New BOY S: When going back to a familiar place it can evoke emotions that you would n to have if you didn’t have a strong belonging feeling. TEE: In the classroom Joseph feels alone and like he does not belong. The dire actor shows this by having grey, cold lighting in the Irish classroom and when Joseph h has a flashback the African classroom shows a bright, yellowish light. In the flashback KS the African children are all happy to learn and do things like sit closely to each ere and say “good morning teacher In unison to signify comradely.

When he . Com jack’ to the Irish classroom. The students show resistance to learning and the teach points out the children that are wrong and embarrasses them whereas the African mom do everything together and in harmony. L: Through these techniques the producer has created a strong feeling of inning and feeling safety and belonging when Joseph is reminiscing on life back in Africa and a sense of fear and like he does not belong when he is in his new class.

Blue Eyes/ Brown Eyes Some individuals experience a lack of belonging due to their differences. When the blue eyes sit in the middle surrounded by the brown eyes they Ft different and left out. When they are told they are wrong in mostly Everett they do and all the brown’s are looking at them they start to feel self conscience d and that they are being judged. Mel, we don’t have a Mel? ” and “In your bill certificate”. This makes Mel feel like she can not even get her name right.

It makes the viewer feel sympathy for Mel as she has done nothing wrong bal getting in trouble and embarrassed in front of the whole class. Sometimes strong sense of belonging comes at an expense of others. High shot on Mel with her head down which shows body language. Looking inter tat Eng. Elliott tone of voice sounds like she is patronizing Mel.